Man charged with attempted murder

By: Staff Report

Staff Report

UNION — A Union man has been arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with a shooting that occurred this past Wednesday.

David Christian Lawson, 17, 120 Pinewood Acres Road, Union, is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with three counts of attempted murder, one count of discharging a firearm, and one count of malicious damage.

Lawson’s arrest, which was announced Friday afternoon by the Union County Sheriff’s Office, grew out of an incident that occurred around noon Wednesday.

The incident report states a deputy was dispatched to 120 Pinewood Acres Road in reference to a disturbance. When the deputy arrived, the report states he was informed by the complainant that Lawson had called him on his way home from school and informed him that he was being followed by two vehicles. The complainant said that when Lawson pulled into the driveway, two vehicles stopped several driveways before that one and he drew a firearm but it misfired. The deputy told the complainant that a report would be written.

While on the scene, the report states the deputy was informed by dispatch that a second party had called stating that Lawson had shot the tire on his vehicle. The deputy then informed Lawson that he was going to speak to the other party involved in the incident and would return to his residence to speak with him further.

The deputy then went to a residence on Francis Avenue where he spoke with the other

complainant involved in the incident. The second complainant said he did follow Lawson to Pinewood Acres Road but stopped before getting to his residence. He said that while he was turning his vehicle around, Lawson pulled out a rifle and fired in the direction of his vehicle. The second complainant said he didn’t realize a tire on his vehicle had been hit until he arrived at his residence on Francis Avenue.

The deputy then photographed the tire on the vehicle and took it as evidence. He also spoke with all the witnesses to the incident and was provided with written statements. The deputy then advised the second complainant that a report would be written.

After returning to 120 Pinewood Acres Road, the deputy again spoke with both Lawson and the first complainant, explaining the situation and reading both men their Miranda rights. The report states that both said they understood their Miranda rights and both provided the deputy with written statements about what occurred during the incident. The deputy then told them that Lawson’s .223 rifle would be taken for evidence.

Lawson was taken into custody Friday morning and charged in connection with the incident. According to the sheriff’s office, the three attempted murder charges stem from the fact that there were three people in the car Lawson is accused of firing at.

Accused of firing a rifle at an occupied vehicle

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