Man charged with kidnapping, raping woman

By: Staff Report

UNION — A Union man is facing multiple charges for allegedly attacking, beating, choking, burning, and raping a woman in her home with their children present.

Jermaine Deonte Lindsay, 22, 641 Joe Walker Road, Union, is charged by the Union Public Safety Department with trespassing after notice, malicious damage to personal property, 1st degree burglary, domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, and kidnapping.

The incident report states that on Saturday, September 29, an officer was dispatched to Union Medical Center in reference to an assault. Upon arrival, the report states the officer spoke with the victim’s nurse who said that the victim had come to the emergency room with a complaint of an assault. After further interviews with the victim, the nurse said she realized there was much more to the case.

The report states the nurse said the victim told her that she had been beaten and sexually assaulted by her two children’s father, Lindsay.

The report states an examination revealed the victim had bruising to her face, chest, legs, arms, and jaw and had cigarette burns on her left hand and two more on her left leg. It states the officer observed bruising to the victim’s legs, face, and eyes, and could see what appeared to be hand marks on her neck. The victim also complained of hurting all over.

The officer interviewed the victim who the report states said Lindsay had rushed her in her apartment as she was bringing in her 5 year old son. The report states Lindsay grabbed the victim’s cellphone and started to look through it. The victim said she tried to leave but Lindsay would not let her. She said Lindsay grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the bedroom.

When Lindsay shut the bedroom door, the victim said she attempted to get her Mace, but he grabbed it and threw it away. The report states the victim said Lindsay then began to punch her in the face, threw her on the bed, put his hands around her neck and began to choke her. It states he also began hitting the victim in the head with her cellphone.

As he was choking her, the report states Lindsay tried to get a cord from a nearby lamp and when he did the lamp fell and broke. It states he still had the victim by the hair and was still choking her.

The victim said she asked Lindsay “Why are you doing this?” and he replied that he had 10 years over his head.

At that point, the report states Lindsay dragged the victim into another room by her hair. The report states the victim tried to turn on the lights, but Lindsay prevented her from doing so and then struck her in the head, causing her to lose consciousness. When the victim came to, the report states Lindsay hit her in the head again and then pulled her by the hair into the first room where they’d been. Lindsay then slammed the victim down on to the bed and held her down by her neck.

The report states Lindsay looked through the victim’s cellphone and saw a message from another man. It states Lindsay told the victim that since she wanted to “—— around I’ll show you how to —— around” and then pulled her pants down and hit her. The report states Lindsay then took the victim’s clothes off and took his clothes off. It states the victim said “No, I don’t want to do this.”

The report states Lindsay then raped the victim and calling her a whore and told her that he wasn’t done with her. It states he then dragged the victim off the bed by her feet and punched her even more.

The victim said that at that point she could see the sun was coming up. Lindsay then grabbed the victim by the hair and slammed her head into a wall.

The report states Lindsay then smoked a cigarette and used it to burn the victim on her left hand and twice on her left leg. It states he continued to hit the victim and told her to put her pants on that she was going to ride with him.

It was at that point the victim was able to escape by running down the stairs and running to a neighbor’s apartment. The victim called her aunt who came and drove her to Union Medical Center.

The victim said that both her 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter were present during the incident.

The officer then issued the victim a victim’s advocate form and contacted an investigator who arrived moments later.

Lindsay was taken into custody on Tuesday (October 2).

Allegedly beat, choked, and burned the victim

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