A downpayment and a reimbursement

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UNION COUNTY — Funding for law enforcement, tax agreements with two automotive manufacturers, the sale of some county land and plans to sell more, reimbursement for expenses occurred in purchasing some fire equipment, and a down payment on a technology upgrade were on the agenda of Tuesday’s Union County Council meeting.

Law Enforcement

During Tuesday’s meeting, Union County Sheriff David Taylor presented council with a check for $10,800 from the State Treasurer which he said will be used to reimburse the county the cost of body worn cameras for sheriff’s deputies.

Taylor also informed council that the Sheriff’s Office will be receiving a grant from the state for another School Resource Officer which he said will be deployed to the Union Achievement Academy.

Land Sales

Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve third and final reading of an ordinance authorizing the sale of county-owned land at 118 South Street in the Buffalo Community to James Rose for $510.

In a related matter, council also approved a recommendation from the Planning and Development Committee to advertise for sale two other parcels of county-owned property in the Buffalo Community.

FILOT Agreements

Council also voted unanimously to approve first reading of a Fee-In-Lieu of Tax and Infrastructure Credit Agreement between the county and Volvo Car Operations Inc. and also to approve first reading of a Fee-In-Lieu of Tax and Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement between the county and BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC.

Hart said the agreements are part of the announcement of the Gestamp expansion last year and cover the equipment provided by BMW and Volvo as part of that expansion.

Down Payment

Council also voted unanimously to approve the allocation of $200,000 from the county’s Multi-County Industrial Park Fund for use as a down payment on the Motorola 911 console upgrade.

In its motion, council stated that the fund will be reimbursed the allocation once the lease-purchase agreement with Motorola is done.

Supervisor Frank Hart said that the project will involve updating all of the dispatch consoles at 911. He said the current ones are outdated and no longer supported by the manufacturer.

The upgrade is projected to cost approximately $390,000 and Hart said the county is working on a financing arrangement that will go into effect with the lease-purchase agreement with Motorola. He said at that time the county will reimburse the Muli-County Industrial Park Fund and make payments on the balance of the lease-purchase agreement.


Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution stating that the county will be reimbursed from general obligation bond proceeds the $600,000 expense it will incur through the purchase of a fire truck and other equipment for the Kelly-Kelton Fire Department.

Hart said the county has already purchased the truck and equipment. He said the revenues generated by the bond issue will be used by Kelly-Kelton to reimburse the county.

County enters into agreements with Volvo, BMW

By Charles Warner

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Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090.

Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090.