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Blackwell withdraws from supervisor race

UNION COUNTY — The only local partisan race contested in the November general election is contested no more as one of the two candidates running for Union County Supervisor has withdrawn from the race.

There are seven partisan local races on the November ballot, but only one of them, the race for supervisor, was contested, or at least it was until this past Wednesday.

In a statement released that morning, Union County Voter Registrar Darlene Pettit announced that the Republican candidate, Harold Blackwell, had submitted the following letter announcing his withdrawal from the supervisor’s race.

I humbly ask my name be removed from the ballot for county supervisor in Union County, South Carolina for the upcoming election in November. The demands of caring for my aged mother and another matter of public concern require my full attention at this time.

My conscience as well as honor, together alone, demand I confess to cheating on a test given to qualify high school football officials. Failing such a stark choice between right and wrong, I feel unready for the public trust necessarily imbued to a county supervisor at this time.

I did not lie to my children about Santa Claus. I have operated in the financial services industry for 40 years without a single customer complaint. I would never have believed or conceived myself capable of such stupidity. My desperate need of Divine Atonement is proved over and over again as God’s law reveals my depravity with hilarious regularity.

Hopefully, Union’s FILOT transactions will not be as costly and the county’s legal team put on their toes by my candidacy. I do, however, sincerely apologize to any inconvenienced or diminished by my efforts. Such a result was never my intent or desire.

I care deeply for our beloved county and the people of her blessed soil.

For the record and posterity,

Harold Estes Blackwell, Jr.

Blackwell’s withdrawal means that the Democratic candidate, incumbent Supervisor Frank Hart, is unopposed in his bid for a second term.

All local partisan races now uncontested

By Charles Warner


Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090.