Checkpoints result in six arrests

By: By Charles Warner - [email protected]

UNION — Some people learned the hard way this weekend why it is not only illegal but unwise to drive with a suspended driver’s license when they ended up in jail after being stopped at traffic checkpoints in the City of Union.

On Friday, the Union Public Safety Department announced that it would be conducting traffic checkpoints at random times and at random locations throughout the City of Union over the weekend.

Motorists stopped at the checkpoints would be asked to provide their driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

In announcing that the checkpoints would be held, Union Public Safety Director Sam White saidthe goal was to make the roadways of Union safer by getting drivers off the road who were driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol; driving without a driver’s license; have had their license suspended; driving an uninsured vehicle or even a stolen one.

The Public Safety Department was successful in this effort as White announced Monday that the traffic checkpoints had resulted in five arrests as well as the issuance of traffic tickets and warnings.

“We had a total of 13 tickets written for having no proof of insurance, having an expired license, violation of beginners permit, a and consumption of alcohol by a minor,” White said. “Eight warnings were also issued.

“We had a total of six arrests including four for driving under suspension,” he said. “We had an arrest for resisting arrest on a person who was being arrested for public drunk. We had one arrest on a Spartanburg County warrant for violation of probation.”

White said that while he had been surprised at the number of driving under suspension arrests there were, he was pleased with the results of the traffic checkpoints set up by his department this past weekend. He said that his department will probably conduct more of these in the future.
For DUS, resisting arrest, probation violation

By Charles Warner

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Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090.

Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090.