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Three facing forgery charges

UNION COUNTY — Three men have been arrested and charged in connection with the forging of more than $1,800 worth of checks at a local store and a local bank.

In a statement released this afternoon, Union County Sheriff David Taylor announced the arrest of the following men on the following charges:

— Robert Charles Rodgers, 28, 115 Springdale Drive, Union, charged with three counts of forgery value less than $10,000 and two counts of petit larceny $2,000 or less.

— James Christopher Bonanno, 28, 103 Pine Street, Buffalo, charged with forgery value less than $10,000.

— Malcolm Jalmar Harris, 30, 202 Scott Street, Union, charged with forgery value less than $10,000.

Taylor said Rodgers, Bonanno, and Harris have been charged in check forgery cases against two local businesses. He said that on Wednesday, July 18, a complaint was filed with his office about checks being stolen from a local business owner and those checks being forged against that owner.

During the course of the investigation of that incident, Taylor said it was determined that another business owner had also had checks stolen against his business prior to July 18, but did not realize it until the first incident was reported.

Taylor said that investigators with his office reviewed business store video and was able to determine that Rodgers had stolen the checks from the business at 811 Main Street, Buffalo. He said there were six blank checks stolen from that location and that they were stolen by Rodgers.

In the course of the investigation, Taylor said that Investigator Scott Coffer obtained documents and video from Arthur State Bank and Jimmy’s Fresh Air Galaxy. Taylor said those documents showed that Harris forged and cashed one of the checks at Jimmy’s Fresh Air Galaxy ($400) and that Rodgers had forged and cashed a check at Arthur State Bank ($400). He said that Bonanno cashed a forged check at the Arthur State Bank branch in Monarch and that the check had been from among those stolen from 811 Main Street, Buffalo.

On Saturday, July 21, Taylor said Coffer met with another complainant about checks being stolen from his business at 315 Thornridge Road, Union. Taylor said the complainant stated that Rodgers was working for him when he realized that he was missing two checks from his check book. He said the victim stated that one check was forged for $420 and the other for $650. Taylor said that video obtained from Arthur State Bank’s West Towne branch showed Rodgers cashing those two checks.

Taylor said that Rodgers and Bonanno are currently on probation for previous arrests in Union County. He said they and Harris were arrested Tuesday and taken to the Union County Jail.

As of this afternoon the case was still open and Taylor said additional charges are possible. He commended Coffer for the quick work and arrests in this case.

Accused of forging $1,870 worth of checks