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UNION — Unlike several statewide races in Tuesday’s primary elections, no Union County races will be headed to a runoff. Despite having more than two candidates in several races, one candidate did receive the required fifty percent plus one vote to win the primary outright.

In the race for South Carolina House District 42, three men sought to win the Republican Primary to replace retiring State Legislator Mike Anthony. The district contains all of Union County and a small portion of neighboring Laurens County. In Union County, Doug Gilliam received 1,431 votes (59.58 percent), Phillip Russell received 793 votes (33.01 percent) and Brooks Carwile received 178 votes (7.41 percent). In Laurens County Gilliam added 237 votes (35.91 percent), Russell received 381 votes (57.73 percent) and Carwile got 42 votes (6.36 percent). With the two Union totals and Laurens totals combines Gilliam would be declared the winner with 54.47 percent of the total vote cast. Russell finished second with 38.34 percent and Carwile third with 7.18 percent.

With no Democratic opposition in this race, Gilliam will presumably be unopposed in the November general election.

“I am very humbled by the outcome. I hope everyone watched the campaigns run by Phillip, Brooks and myself, that set an example for politicians to follow.” Gilliam said. “ You the people, selected me to be your representative and I do not take it lightly. Know, that I will work hard for us and fight the fights for all of us. I ask that all of you hold me accountable. I will always have our best interest at heart. I will be accessible to all of you. I hope the Lord will keep me from every thinking more of myself than what I am, a servant of the people.”

Russell, who finished second in the race, congratulated Gilliam and thanked his supporters, family and friends in a post on social media Tuesday night.

“To all my family, friends and supporters, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did to make our campaign what it was. My head is held high, because of the positive manner we ran, and the issues we supported. But now, it is time to offer teamwork and collaboration to Doug, and support him for all of Union and District 42. Know, he will lead us well,” he said.

In another local race Tuesday, Debbie Edwards Robertson defeated District Six County Councilwoman Kacie McCall Petrie in the Democratic Primary for the office of County Treasurer. That office is being vacated by the retiring Diane Wilkins. Robertson garnered 1.053 or 58.76 percent of votes cast while Petrie received 739 votes or 41.24 percent of votes cast. No Republican filed to run for this office so Robertson will more than likely be unopposed in November.

In the lone Union County Council race in Tuesday’s primary, Tracie Farr Campbell defeated Mary Pacolette Genoble and Marie B Knox to win the Democratic nomination to fill the seat being vacated by long-time County Council woman Joan Little. Campbell received 283 votes (52.60 percent), Genoble garnered 190 votes (35.32 percent), and Knox received 65 votes (12.08 percent). This race also did not see a Republican file to run.

Other Vote Totals from Union County:

Republican Primary-


Henry McMaster-1,215 (50.25 percent)

John Warren-592 (24.46 percent)

Catherine Templeton 413 (17.07 percent)

Kevin Bryant 181 (7.48 percent)

Yancey McGill 18 (0.74 percent)

Secretary of State-

Mark Hammond 1,797 (77.49 percent)

Kerry Wood 212 (9.14 percent)

Joshua Putnam 177 (7.63 percent)

Nelson Faerber 133 (5.74 percent)

Attorney General

Alan Wilson 1,122 (48.22 percent)

Todd Atwater 792 (34.04 percent)

William D Herlong 413 (17.75 percent)

Democratic Primary


James Smith 1,008 (61.02 percent)

Phil Noble 327 (19.79 percent)

Marguerite Willis 317 (19.19 percent)

US House District 5

Archie Parnell 770 (47.98 percent)

Mark Ali 335 (20.87 percent)

Sidney Moore 310 (19.31 percent)

Steve Lough 190 (11.84 percent)

Statewide the Governors race on the Republican side will be a runoff between incumbent Henry McMaster and Greenville Businessman John Warren. Statewide McMaster received 42.31 percent of the vote while Warren received 27.83 percent of the vote to secure second place of Catherine Templeton who earned 21.39 percent of there vote. Incumbent Attorney General Alan Wilson will also be in a run off with opponent Todd Atwater. Wilson got 48.65 percent of the votes cast Tuesday while Atwater received 29.73 percent of the votes. William Herlong finished third in that race with 21.63 percent of the vote. The runoff for these two races will be held on June 26 and polls will be open that day from 7 a.m.-7p.m.


Tyler Shugart for The Union Times

Tyler Shugart is the host of “Bump and Run” from 7-9 a.m. on Fox Sports 1400 AM 98.3 FM in Spartanburg. He can be reached at tylers1400@gmail.com.