Templeton names county co-chairs

By: By Charles Warner - [email protected]

COLUMBIA – Two local men will serve as the Co-Chairs of the Templeton for Governor Campaign in Union County and lead the campaign’s efforts to turn out the vote for the June 12 gubernatorial primary.

In a statement released Friday, the campaign announced that “today, conservative buzz saw and Republican candidate for governor Catherine Templeton released a list of over 50 grassroots activists serving as county co-chairs for her campaign.”

In Union County, the Templeton for Governor County Co-Chairs are Brett Shugart and Dale Patterson.

The press release states that one of the missions of the co-chairs will be to counter any attacks by Templeton’s opponents for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

“We know office hungry politicians will do or say anything to get elected,” Templeton Campaign Manager R.J. May III said. “Our grassroots network of conservative activists are ready to call out and respond to the false and misleading attacks that are sure to come.”

In addition, the press release states that the co-chairs will also be canvasing local neighborhoods, phone banking, and helping with Get Out The Vote efforts.

Templeton, a former DHEC director, is opposed in her bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination by incumbent Gov. Henry McMaster, former Lt. Governor Yancey McGill, Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant, and businessman John Warren.


Also on Friday, the Templetonfor Governor Campaign announced that Templeton had been endorsed for governor by US House of Representatives Fifth District Rep. Ralph Norman and SC State District 15 Sen. Wes Climer of York County.

The press release states that Norman, whose district includes Union County, “is a member of the staunchly conservative Freedom Caucus, a group of limited government conservatives that seeks to shrink government and cut spending. Wes Climer was one of only three state senators to earn an A+ from the limited government SC Club for Growth.”

In endorsing Templeton, Norman said “I proudly endorse Catherine Templeton for governor because she is the conservative businesswoman South Carolina needs. She will do the right thing. She will exercise the power of the veto to cut spending, cut regulations, and cut the size of government. Catherine epitomizes Winston Churchill’s famous quote that ‘sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required.’ I know Catherine Templeton will do what is required for the people of South Carolina.”

Climer said that “Catherine Templeton is a conservative who knows how to get things done. She was a foot soldier for Nikki Haley in the battle to liberate South Carolina from the cabal of entrenched corruption in Columbia, and will pick up the mantle of conservative reform right where Nikki Haley left off. Our next governor will enter office facing a staggering array of challenges from fixing roads, to protecting schools, to tax reform, and everything in between. We need a strong, capable, conservative leader in that office — a leader like Catherine Templeton.”

The press release states that the campaign’s “momentum is growing as we enter the campaign’s home stretch. That’s because solid conservatives such as Congressman Norman and Senator Climer realize we must get serious about regaining control of our state government, protecting life, and protecting our Second Amendment rights. They know Catherine is serious about bringing a buzz saw to Columbia and ending the good old boys’ self-interest wheeling and dealing once and for all. Congressman Norman is committed to draining the swamp in Washington, and Senator Climer is equally committed to draining the swamp in Columbia. Catherine is proud and honored to have the support of these two great South Carolina conservatives.

It states that this “is great news to the Templeton Team! Rep. Norman and Sen. Climer’s endorsements just continue to prove Catherine is the only candidate who will clean up the swamp in Columbia and bring a new generation of conservative leadership.”

Shugart, Patterson to lead local campaign

By Charles Warner

[email protected]

Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090.

Charles Warner can be reached at 864-762-4090.