Aste running for Mayor of Jonesville

By: Special to The Union Times
Lou Aste

JONESVILLE — Lou Aste says if elected Mayor of the Town of Jonesville he will work to implement polices designed to reverse what he says is the decline of the town.

In a statement released Thursday, Aste said “I will start working on day one if elected to get us a grocery store. We need a new bank again, also. We need decent and possibly new housing for all the people working in the area that have to go to Spartanburg or elsewhere for decent housing. Many parents with children have said there is no place to take the kids in Jonesville. We need to expand the park and add new features, like walking trails, community garden, flower gardens, maybe a fountain or waterfall feature. Also, my good friend Roy Littlejohn and I have discussed the need for a sidewalk from the town limits to US 176 for safety reasons.”

Aste, who previously made two unsuccessful bids for a seat on Jonesville Town Council, said he has been encouraged to run for mayor and that his candidacy is generating excitement among the electorate.

“People are actually excited to have a candidate that’s optimistic with common sense ideas and contacts like our Congressman Ralph Norman for one that can help us turn Jonesville around,” Aste said. “Not just a few, but many, many people told me I should run for mayor because they liked my ideas on how to turn Jonesville around and stop its decline. They feel it is time for change! They are tired of its steady downhill decline.”

Aste said he wants to the community as a whole more involved in coming up with ideas on how to improve things in Jonesville.

“The most important thing we can do is come together as a community by having regular town hall meetings where we have maybe a fundraising dinner for a project in the town and afterwards sit around and discuss what we can do to make our town better,” Aste said.

Aste said that what Jonesville needs is leadership that can turn things around and he feels he can provide that leadership, adding that many in the community agree with him.

“There is growth occurring all around us, why isn’t Jonesville growing?” Aste asked. “With the right leadership I believe together we can turn our town around and lift it up to thrive again. I believe I’m the candidate that has the best chance of turning Jonesville around and many, many people have said they agree. If elected I will be there to serve the people of Jonesville, not myself. Thank you for your vote. We can do it.”

Aste is a native of Hamilton Township, New Jersey, where he graduated from Steinert High School. He subsequently attended Pencot Technical Institute for Automotive.

Aste has lived in Jonesville since 1993 and is a self-employed carpenter, painter, and, in his words, “all around handyman” who renovates homes. He has five children and eight grandchildren.

Aste is one of two candidates running for Mayor of Jonesville. Also running is incumbent Mayor Ernest Moore who is seeking his fourth term in office.

Polls for the mayoral election will be open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday (April 10). Voters in Jonesville will cast their ballots at Box 1 in the Jonesville Municipal Complex and Box 2 in the Jonesville Fire Department.

Lou Aste Aste
Promises to work to reverse town’s decline

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