Why I am running for supervisor

By: Special to The Union Times
Hal Blackwell

UNION COUNTY — Doing the legwork in evaluating the prospects of my candidacy, I naturally received questions about my pursuits since moving back to Union. “Why, with your resume’, are you livin’ at your momma’s house?” is what people really want to know. Well, me too. It has to be a God thing.

I have two lawsuits before the S.C. Court of Appeals. One names Miracle Hill Ministries, Inc., as a defendant. The case number is 2017-CP-23-3754. You can look it up on Greenville County’s website link and the SC Court of Appeals (Case No. 2017-002618) link. I will prevail. The case is a matter of life or death for defenseless people in upstate South Carolina. That statement is not hyperbole’.

My briefs in the case and other documents can be found on my website www.halblackwell.com. If I’m wrong and this isn’t about life and death, someone needs to send the big men in little white suits to get me. I’m due a rubber room (please make it a big one, with cable). I sent local foundations that support Miracle Hill financially a document I hope each one of you will take 5 minutes to read. (halblackwell.com). I would also refer you to South Carolina Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Ms. Mary Francis Jowers. She has read the material and reacted to it. A short review of the materials provides an understanding of why I am operating under the impression this is about literally hundreds of lives, and that I’m responsible. Until someone can show me how I’m wrong that will not change. It can’t change, obviously.

I believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God. The way I read the Bible, the Evil One has but one lie, told in a bazillion ways, to deceive. Satan wants me to believe what Jesus did at the Cross means nothing and that I am still in my sin. Another reason Miracle Hill has escaped scrutiny is due to the embarrassing nature of their “client’s” and their families’ “predicament.” If I believe my righteousness is in Christ then I can’t act out of fear of embarrassment when the stakes are so high and I’m called to be a witness. However undeserved, the Gospel affords me this freedom to act. I am self-aware enough to know I’m a different kind of guy, certainly an untraditional candidate for office. What you may see as a “nontraditional” career path, I perceive as my experience as a radical Christian. I just can’t pass by a bullying situation where the strong prey on the weak if I can do something about it; therefore, my life is in the midst of the struggle. Teddy Roosevelt would be proud and I’m fairly convinced Satan hates me.

I moved back to Union to live on the cheap and pursue these matters. Representing yourself in court is a full-time job. I’ve heard some have described me as the “lazy bum who won’t get a job.” All those documents filed with the court sprang from three or four documents written but not used. I’ve spent hours upon hours in the law school library in Columbia learning not only the law but the Rules of Civil Procedure as well. This is very complex litigation. The quotes I received from attorneys ranged from $50,000 to $250,000 just to start. Understand, no lawyer in his right mind would take this case on contingency, ergo the huge hole in our justice system depriving Miracle Hill’s victims access to the justice system. I wasn’t one of their clients but unwittingly was sucked into their sickness. They just picked the wrong guy this time, after 30 years.

I knew I could represent myself with a reasonable expectation of success. Sure, people called me crazy then too; didn’t matter then, doesn’t matter now. Walking away, given the gravity of the situation, was/is not an option. My candidacy hopefully will ensure Miracle Hill does not walk away unexposed. Their results don’t lie and the opioid crisis is real. Maybe some lawyers who remember why they went to law school will see this (please share with your media friends tagged).

Before you determine I should be running for pope, let me confess. Three months ago, I had no idea of running for county supervisor. First, I thought $300,000 was coming my way around mid-December. Whereupon my plan was to go to the beach and play golf while my newly hired legal team fought it out with Miracle Hill. Sounded better to me than to God, obviously. Then I thought a Gestamp job would allow me to maintain until my legal result. The job never materialized for unknown reasons despite early indications to the contrary. Given my perception that my skill set matched Union’s need for a supervisor almost to a “T,” (I know I would do a really good job) when it became clear my candidacy would “call out” my false accusers, I either had the guts (faith) to run or I didn’t. Respectfully, whether you agree with me or not, as Dabo Swinney (my hero) demands, and I hope you notice, I do bring my own guts.

Suing Miracle Hill is what my faith looks like in action. Faith in Jesus will make you brave. God has held up His end of the deal. Somehow, He has provided everything I have needed and there are incredible stories of His provision. That is very affirming, as is the knowledge Jesus had harsh words for only one group, that being whitewashed tombs such as the Pharisees involved here. The Miracle Hill personalities involved are arrogant and unapproachable outside the courts. I tried everything, and I mean everything, before filing these suits.

Lest you think I exaggerate, allow me to refer you to my case naming Toby Woodard as the defendant, 2016-CP-23-6547 (Appellate Case No. 2017-002635). Mr. Woodard works for Miracle Hill. Why is this case even in court? The Travelers Insurance Group should have paid the claim months ago. But since they didn’t (their offer in mediation was zero), they (The Travelers, Mr. Woodard, and Amy Snyder, Esquire) have pleaded an affirmative defense of “truth” in response to my allegations of defamation. I would encourage the press, or someone, to ask Mr. Woodard and The Travelers, what proof they might offer. Under the law, those who make such claims bear the burden of proving their accusations. In the current cultural climate, careers are ruined when such accusations are left hanging. Justice demands Mr. Woodard back up his claims or retract them, irrespective of what advice he might get from The Travelers.

Read the documents at link and tell me Reid Lehman didn’t torture Milton before “Milton died a practicing alcoholic” (from Lehman’s book). Lehman cites Milton’s case as one when it is appropriate to “harp on how bad it was when he was drinking.” MILTON DIED A PRACTICING ALCOHOLIC!!! He was not a success case! Lehman used Milton’s case as justification for his methods in his book, so, taking him at his word, Mr. Lehman has a lot Miltons in his past. This must stop!

It is not conceivable on planet earth that Milton and I have been the only ones to be mistreated to the point of death by these people. If my allegations become known others will come forward (email me at [email protected]). On the other hand, I have not been able to locate a single Miracle Hill long-term example of success and they have been doing this for 30 years! Remember, the Miracle Hill clients are the most vulnerable in our society with no access to the legal system. Miracle Hill has no insurance company oversight like typical treatment facilities, they operate on the funds of a public charity. There is no accountability or oversight, none.

These are not nice people with a difference of opinion. Staff is well paid and their place in the community high. Miracle Hill knows they are not getting anyone sober but as long as they can practice their religious dogma on defenseless, hurting people, they will do it. Every time someone fails at treatment their chances of recovery diminish. What Miracle Hill does is terribly destructive!

Should you remain unconvinced of how serious this defamation is please see former WYFF news anchor Carl Clark’s son’s email to me posted at link. Mr. Clark’s son is afraid that I will attack his parents. Are you kidding me?

Any publicity my candidacy generates to spotlight what is going on at Miracle Hill achieves my purpose. All these terrible things people have said about me are not true, and I can prove it. The people who have said these things will be embarrassed by what I’m doing. That is not my purpose but I surely wasn’t going to protect them by not coming forward. Miracle Hill will claim I have motives of revenge; not true. I point to Rule 19 and Rule 12, section (h), number (2) of the South Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure which provides a suit be dismissed for failure to name a pertinent party. You don’t get to choose who is named in a lawsuit.

For what Miracle Hill did to me, they are going to pay me a lot of money if I win and I will have earned it (and I will win). No longer will I be their victim legally. But Miracle Hill can’t be allowed to pay me and go on as they are. New victims come through their doors at a rate of more than one per day. The opioid crisis is forecasting an increase (understatement). I hope now you can understand why I do not feel or act like my career has been a failure. Whatever your attitude about what you just read, consider the possibility God has entrusted me with the lives of many and provided an opportunity for me to contribute significantly to my community. I’m not ashamed. I feel honored and blessed.

My hope is that the people of Union County will see that if I can take on these people (Miracle Hill, their wealthy Greenville donors who refused to act even after being made aware, a legal system set against pro se litigants, four law firms and The Travelers Insurance Group) and prevail, I might be a good person to have on the team. I will fight for the people of Union County with the same vigor I am fighting this fight.

I trust you, the citizens of Union County, to determine my motives as you look at the evidence and get to know me over the course of this campaign. I need your prayers and, yes, your moral and financial support. Close scrutiny will show I am worthy. I need some help folks. This is serious business. I confidently say the people of Union County have no better friend than Hal Blackwell and that’s the truth of the matter.

Hal Blackwell
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Blackwell explains reasons for candidacy

Special to The Union Times