Carwile seeking District 42 seat

By: Special to The Union Times
Brooks Carwile

UNION COUNTY — My name is Brooks Carwile and I am announcing my decision to run for House Seat 42.

Here are personal qualifications why I should work for you.

• I have a Masters Degree in Education with emphasizes in career development. I will work with our schools to increase career development to prepare students for tomorrow’s professions.

• I have Bachelors in Criminal Justice I will work to see that crime is reduced and work with our law professionals to make a safer South Carolina. I have worked programs to reduce crime. I will foster halfway homes and juvenile camps for non- violent offenders which will save millions of tax dollars while increasing safety. I currently have a bill proposal ready for review called GAVC. This bill will add 2,300 new law officers to the state. This bill will put officers in schools, at school functions and other venues. This program will fall under the governor of the state. This will cost South Carolina $250,000 vs the $60 million the state would need to spend according to the governor. This bill will do for law enforcement what the volunteer firefighter has done for fire suppression.

• I have held a Top Secret clearance protecting, transferring and destroying classified material with the utmost care. I will protect citizens who express their views in reference to fraud, waste and abuse so action can be taken to stop misusing tax dollars. I was on the Air Force Base Commander’s team to stop fraud, waste and abuse.

• I was certified by the air force in PRP, which states that I have been given the highest integrity rating. I will put integrity back into state government.

• As an Air Force Officer-Combat Crew Commander my primary job was strategic nuclear deterrence targeting hostile countries directed by the president and the JCS. Duties included safety and security of 50 nuclear missiles that could hit selected targets anywhere in the world.

• Police Officer at USC while in college. I will work tirelessly to see our officers are trained and given the tools to carry out their job. I will work with all citizens to foster better relations with law officers so we can have a safer community for all citizens.

• For 28 years I have worked with over 100 companies from NY to California putting hundreds of people to work. I will bring companies and jobs to Union. I will assist the development board and use my vast network of contacts. I contacted and encouraged one company to Union which has pumped approximately 50 million dollars into our economy in payroll, taxes and investment and has approximately 100 employees.

• I set up a program for the air force to save thousands of man hours and millions of dollars without negative impact on our mission. A version of my program was used on 6 air bases.

Here are additional goals and objectives.

A. Enhance beautification projects

B. Help jump-start our tourism industry.

C. Reduce utility rates.

D. Fix our roads

E. Support/grow USC-Union

Carwile is the third Republican to announce for the District 42 seat.

In February, Doug Gilliam announced his candidacy, and in March Phillip Russell announced his.

The District 42 seat is held by Rep. Mike Anthony, a Democrat, who announced in February that he would not be running for a ninth term in office.

No Democrat has filed to run for the District 42 seat, meaning that Anthony’s successor will be determined in the June 12 Republican primary.

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Brooks Carwile Carwile
Lists personal qualifications for office

Special to The Union Times