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Crime in Union County

UNION COUNTY — Drug violations, shoplifting, grand larceny, forgery, and domestic violence were among the were among the arrests made by law enforcement in Union County over the past week.

Domestic Violence 2nd Degree

A Union man ended up in jail after allegedly threatening to kill a woman and her unborn child.

Christopher Scott Rogers, 37, 202 Hillcrest Drive, Union, is charged by the Union Public Safety Department with Domestic Violence Second Degree.

The incident report states that on Thursday, Jan. 14, two officers and a corporal responded to a domestic dispute at 202 Hillcrest Drive. When they arrived, the report states one of the officers spoke with the victim who said that Rogers had threatened to kill her and her unborn child. The report states the victim said she was eight months pregnant and had been living with for more than a year.

The officer then asked Rogers what happened and the report states Rogers said he and the victim had been arguing and he got angry and told her he would kill her and her unborn child.

The report states the officer then asked the victim if she feared for her safety and she said she did due to the fact that Rogers had been been physically aggressive with her in the past.

The officer to the roommate who the report states said that Rogers had struck the victim in the past. The report states the roommate said he felt that if Rogers stayed in the house things might continue to escalate between him and the victim.

When asked to give a written statement about the incident, however, the report states the roommate refused to do so.

Rogers was then placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported by the corporal to the Union County Jail while the officer got a written statement from the victim. The officer then issued the victim a victim’s advocate form and cleared the scene.

The report states the officer would be charging Rogers with Domestic Violence 2nd Degree due to the evidence that he committed the base act and knew that the victim was pregnant.

Methamphetamine Distribution, Controlled Substance Possession

A Jonesville woman initially arrested on a warrant for Distribution of Methamphetamine ended up also being charged for allegedly having a Controlled Substance in her possession at the time of her arrest.

Laci Laxton West, 31, 703 Gaffney Highway #A, Jonesville is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with Distribution of Methamphetamine and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

The incident report states that on Monday, Jan. 15, deputies received a tip that Laci West was in a black in color Jeep at the Li’l Crime on North Duncan Bypass and that there was an active warrant for her arrest for Distribution of Methamphetamine. The report states deputies located the Jeep at the gas pumps and found West sitting in the back passenger seat of the vehicle. It states that deputies advised West that she was under arrest on the active warrant and transported her to the Union County Jail.

While at the jail, the report states deputies conducted an inventory of West’s purse and found a black and white striped bag inside it. The report states that inside the bag was a glass pipe commonly used to smoke Methamphetamine with, a glass pipe commonly used to smoke Crack Cocaine with, a pack of 1.5 Rolling Papers, a small baggie containing two blue in color pills, Butane fuel, a Butane lighter, and a syringe with a reddish color liquid inside it.

Deputies asked West about the items found in the bag and the report states she said she did not known anything about them and that the purse did not belong to her. However, the report states that deputies found a note pad with West’s name written on the front page of it and asked her again about and she admitted that the bag was hers.

The report states the glass pipes, rolling papers, Butane lighter and fuel were place in evidence. It states the pills had TEVA 3927 stamped on them and were identified as Diazpam 10MG, a controlled substance. The report states West does not have a prescription for the pills. It states the pills and syringe were place into a Best Pack to be sent to SLED. The report states a warrant would be sought for West for Possession of a Controlled Substance.


A Gaffney woman was arrested this week and charged with allegedly forging checks in 2017.

Michelle Loving Hames, 40, 209 Sloan Road, Gaffney, is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with Forgery.

The incident reports states on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017, a member of the staff of Arthur State Bank contacted an investigator with the Sheriff’s Office about some forged checks passes at bank locations in Union County. The report states that one of those checks was presented at the West Towne Plaza branch on North Duncan Bypass on Tuesday, Oct. 3. It states that the check was drawn on the account of residents of Cowpens in Cherokee County in the amount of $300 and made payable to Michelle Hames.

The report states that the check presented at the West Towne Plaza branch on Oct. 3 and other checks had been reported to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office as forgeries. It states the possible suspect was Hames, a resident of Gaffney. It further states that the investigator would investigate the matter further.

Hames was taken into custody on Saturday, Jan. 16.

Shoplifting (Enhanced)

A Union man was arrest for Shoplifting for allegedly stealing a flashlight and a cup from a convenience store.

Wesley Chad Murphy, 36, 302 Blassingame Street, Union, is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with Shoplifting (Enhanced).

The incident report states that on Tuesday, Jan. 16 deputies were sent a name and a number for a shoplifting incident that occurred at approximately 3:30 a.m. that morning. The report states the complainant, who it describes as the night shift clerk at the Circle K on the Lockhart Highway in Union, said a cup valued at $19 and a flashlight at $4 was stolen by an individual known to be Chad Murphy.

The report states that deputies were given a copy of the store’s security camera footage that shows the subject take a flashlight off the shelf and place it in his pocket. It states the footage shows the subject take a cup off the shelf and after walking around the story for a while exit the store without paying for either item.

The report states deputies would take this information to a judge to get a warrant for shoplifting for Murphy.

Murphy was taken into custody on Thursday, Jan. 18.

Grand Larceny

A Gaffney man was taken into custody this week both on a Grand Larceny charge in Union County and to be held for probation authorities in Cherokee County.

Georgio Shavonte Littlejohn, 24, 112 Kendrick Street, Gaffney, is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with Grand Larceny.

Littlejohn’s arrest stems from the Wednesday, Jan. 10 dispatch of deputies to the Belk Fulfillment Center parking lot in the Jonesville area in reference to a stolen motor vehicle.

Littlejohn was taken into custody on Tuesday, Jan. 16 on the Grand Larceny charge and, according to his booking sheet, to be held for the Cherokee County Probation Department.

The Union Public Safety Department also filed the following charges against the following individuals.

— Amber Demetrist Davis, 24, 456 Joe Walker Road, Union, charged Friday, Dec. 15 with Driving an Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

— Jimmy Davis, 67, 456 Joe Walker Road, Union, charged Friday, Jan. 15 with Allowing Operation of An Uninsured Motor Vehicle.

— Victoria Alexis Parker, 21, 112 Bramlett Lane, Union, charged Thursday, Jan. 14 with Assault and Battery.

— Holly Gail Eubanks, 43, 112 Bramlett Lane, Union, charged Thursday, Jan. 14 with Assault and Battery.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office also filed the following charges against the following individuals.

— Mark Anthony Smith, 22, 184 Peacewood Drive, Union, charged Thursday, Jan. 18 with Petit Larceny.

— Hughie Todd Haire, 44, 102 2nd Street, Union, charged Thursday, Jan. 18 with Driving Under Suspension.

— Thomas Paul Ridings, 37, 100 Pinedale Avenue, Union, charged Friday, Jan. 12 with Driving Under Suspension Second Offense.

— Adam Grant Osborne, 21, 386 Prospect Corner Road, Union, charged Saturday, Jan. 13 with Open Container and Simple Possession of Marijuana.

— Linda Bermell Brock, 46, 140 Short Street, Union, charged Sunday, Jan. 14 with Disorderly Conduct.