Two arrested for prostitution


UNION COUNTY — A man and a woman were arrested for prostitution early this morning following an apparent argument over money that led to them calling in law enforcement.

Kimberly Edwards Moore, 30, 113 Mason Street, Greenville, and Robert William Sartor Jr., 65, 2008 Leafy Way, Spartanburg, are each charged with prostitution first offense by the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident report states that at approximately 1:05 a.m. this (Thursday) morning deputies responded to 2908 Furman Fendley Highway to assist a SC state trooper. When they arrived on the scene, the report states deputies spoke to the trooper who said that he was flagged down by a man and a women who were having an argument over money. The trooper said the woman, identified as Moore, said that the man, identified as Sartor, owed her money for prostitution.

However, the report states the trooper said Sartor said Moore owed him money for driving her around.

The report states a deputy spoke with Moore who said she called Sartor and asked him to come get her and get a hotel room for her to stay in. It states Moore said Sartor said he would come get her and get the hotel room. The report states Moore said Sartor offered her $150. Moore would not, however, say why Sartor offered her the money but did say that she knew what the money was for.

The report states Moore said they drove around and went to the house of a friend of Sartor’s where she said she took a shower. It states Moore said Sartor tried to get in the shower with her but she wouldn’t let him.

The deputy spoke with Sartor who the report states said he picked Moore up because she was messaging him on Facebook. The report states that Sartor said he was going to get her a motel room and also offered her $150. It states Sartor said he did offer her money and bought her some new clothes at the dollar store.

The report states Sartor said he and Moore went to his friend’s house and they took a shower together but he never touched her. It states that Sartor said his wife didn’t know about his extra activities that he goes out and does.

The report states that Sartor, who was wearing a shirt and gym shorts, was asked by deputies if he had on any underwear and he didn’t. The deputy states that in the course of his law enforcement career he has found this is what subjects wear when they are looking for a prostitute.

Sartor was then asked to empty his pockets and when he did the report states he pulled out a cock ring which is used for sexual pleasure.

Moore and Sartor were then placed under arrest and both of them were handcuffed. The report states the handcuffs were checked for tightness and double-locked for the safety of Moore and Sartor who were then transported to the Union County Jail.


Argument over money leads to arrests