Teen facing assault charge

By: Staff Report

UNION — A 14 year-old boy has been charged with assault for allegedly kicking a 14 year-old girl causing her to suffer injuries requiring medical treatment including surgery.

The incident report filed by the Union Public Safety Department states that on Oct. 27 an officer was on duty at the main gate of the Union County Stadium during the evening football game when he heard a girl crying. The report states the officer then saw a girl who was on the ground holding her knee. It states the officer walked over to the girl and asked her what was wrong.

The report states the girl said the boy standing behind her came up behind her and kicked her in the back of the knee.

The officer then identified both the boy and the girl and called the girl’s father who was nearby. He then called for EMS to be dispatched to the scene.

The officer then asked the boy why he had kicked the girl in the back of the knee and the report states the boy said he didn’t kick the girl, that he’d just struck her with his hand. The report states the boy then said he’d just been playing around and didn’t mean to hurt her.

EMS then arrived on the scene and looked at the victim’s knee. The report states the victim’s father then arrived on the scene. It states the officer asked the victim’s father what he wanted to do and was told to get the suspect’s information for the time being. The victim’s father and the EMS personnel then escorted the victim from the scene.

The officer then got the suspect’s information and let him go.

On Oct. 31, the report states the officer spoke with the victim’s father by phone who said he wanted do move forward with charges against the suspect due to the severity of his daughter’s injuries.

On Nov. 3, the report states the School Resource Officer met with the suspect and his mother at Union County High School. The report states the SRO had the suspect’s mother sign a SC Department of Juvenile Justice Custodial Promise and Complaint form. It states the SRO also filled out a Victim Notification information form for the victim. The officer who’d initally handled the case then met with the victim’s father to have him sign the form.

The report states that the victim’s father told the officer his daughter was going to have to undergo surgery. It states the father said his daughter was suffering from a ruptured meniscus and two torn ligaments and that she was undergoing treatment by an orthopedic specialist.

The report states the 14 year-old suspect was charged with assault and battery second-degree.

Allegedly kicked and injured girl

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