Repeat offender back in prison

By: Special to The Union Times

UNION COUNTY — A repeat Union County offender was sent back to prison during the last term of Union County General Sessions Court.

In a statement released Friday, the Union County Sheriff’s Office announced that Marcus Littlejohn was convicted on two sets of charges and received an eight-year prison sentence. It states that Littlejohn plead guilty to possession of crack cocaine from January 6, 2017 and resisting arrest and possession of marijuana from June 24, 2017.

The press release states that Littlejohn was convicted in October of 2014 of distribution of crack cocaine, resisting arrest, and possession of marijuana and received a seven-year sentence. Although this was his second trip to prison for selling crack cocaine, the press release states that the Parole Board decided to grant him parole, and he was released in June of 2016 after serving less than two of the seven years. It states that after being granted parole, Littlejohn was charged with another crack cocaine-related crime in January of this year.

Despite this arrest, the press release states the policies of Parole Department prohibited any attempt by the parole agents in Union County to revoke Littlejohn’s parole until his new case was resolved in General Sessions Court. It states that Littlejohn was released on bond until he was arrested again in June for resisting arrest by officers charging him with possession of marijuana.

Sheriff David Taylor said expects to see more cases like Littlejohn’s in the future.

“Mr. Littlejohn’s new crimes are the result of our state’s increasingly liberal sentencing and parole policies,” Taylor said. “He never should have been paroled and his parole should have been revoked after his first arrest. Unfortunately, our policy makers are more concerned with getting criminals back to and keeping them on the street than with maintaining public safety by incarcerating them.”

Taylor said that sheriffs all over South Carolina are dealing with the same issues and until legislators start hearing from the citizens they represent, maybe they will take action.
Sheriff expects more such cases

Special to The Union Times