Jury finds Hill not guilty


UNION — A man arrested more than a year ago for allegedly firing a gun at another man during a dispute over $50 has been found not guilty of the crime.

Cardozar Markie Hill, 28, 204 Hicks St., Union, was charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office on April 11, 2016 with assault/attempted murder in connection with an incident that occurred earlier that day.

The incident report filed in Hill’s case stated that a deputy was dispatched just before 11:30 a.m. on Monday, April 11, 2016 to a business on Anderson Road in reference to an assault. When the deputy arrived, he spoke with the victim who said Hill had continued to call him about $50 he claimed he owed him. The victim said he’d done some work for Hill and Hill claimed he’d overcharged him. He said he told Hill that he didn’t see how he owed him $50 and hung up.

The victim told the deputy that a short time later Hill showed up at his business in a silver Infinity. He said Hill got out of the vehicle in a rage and came towards him and they started scuffling. The victim said that his father then came out and told Hill to leave. He said that Hill responded by saying “I got something for you” and went back to his car.

The report states that the victim said when Hill was in his car he could tell he was reaching for something. He said he hit Hill and tried to jam his car door so he couldn’t do anything. The victim said at this point he and Hill were again scuffling and it was then that Hill pulled out a gun and fired it towards his head. He said his cousin then came out and intervened and he ran for safety because he thought he had been shot and feared for his life and safety.

An investigator was subsequently called to the scene and, according to the report, found a spent .40 caliber shell casing, photographing and collecting it for evidence.

The report states the victim did not require medical attention at the time, but did complain of ringing in his left ear.

Hill was subsequently taken into custody that afternoon and booked at the Union County Jail.

While he was arrested in April 2016, Hill’s case did not come to trial until Thursday (July 20, 2017) of this week. Hill’s case was tried before a jury in General Sessions Court in the Main Courtroom of the Union County Courthouse with the jury being empanelled that morning. Both the state and the defense presented their cases and shortly thereafter the case went to the jury which returned a verdict of not guilty by early that afternoon.

Of attempted murder