Man charged with trafficking meth

By: Staff Writer

UNION COUNTY — A Jonesville man arrested for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine got another charge filed against him after he allegedly threatened to kill a narcotics investigator with the Union County Sheriff’s Office.

In a statement released Friday, Union County Sheriff David Taylor announced that Latavian Pashard Brannon, 25, 439 Eisontown Road, Union, has been charged with trafficking methamphetamine, trafficking methamphetamine within a 1/2 mile of a school, and threatening the life of a public official.

Taylor stated that on Thursday (June 28), narcotics officers with his office received information that Brannon was delivering a large quantity of methamphetamine to an individual on Lowry Street in the Monarch area. He stated that deputies set up surveillance around the Lowry Street area, waiting to see if Brannon would arrive.

As they were conducting surveillance, Taylor stated deputies observed a silver SUV pull onto Boyd Street between two houses off Lowry Street and stop in the roadway. Taylor stated that deputies then surrounded the SUV with patrol vehicles and conducted a traffic stop.

As they approached the vehicle, Taylor stated deputies observed that the passenger, identified as Brannon, had a plastic bag in his hand. Taylor stated that Brannon attempted to place the bag outside the car window in an attempt to drop it on the ground. Deputies, however, retrieved the bag which Taylor stated contained a clear rock-like substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine.

Brannon was then placed under arrest.

Taylor stated that the crystal methamphetamine found in the bag had a field weight of 10 grams. He stated that at that weight, it constitutes trafficking methamphetamine.

As for the trafficking methamphetamine within a 1/2 mile of a school charge, Taylor stated that stemmed from the fact that Brannon was found with the meth in his possession within less than a 1/2 mile of Monarch Elementary School.

In addition to the crystal methamphetamine, Taylor stated that deputies seized $99 in cash from Brannon.

When a narcotics officer went to the Union County Jail to serve the two trafficking warrants on Brannon, Taylor stated that Brannon threatened to kill him when he got out of jail. He stated the officer then signed a warrant on Brannon for threatening his life.

Taylor stated that Brannon’s arrest was the third arrest for trafficking methamphetamine made by Union County Narcotics Agents. He commended the agents for the work they continue to do in the battle against illegal drugs in Union County.

Also charged with threatening a deputy

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