Crawford facing 20 years in prison

By: Staff Report

UNION COUNTY — A Jonesville man could be sentenced to as much as 20 years in prison if convicted on federal weapons and drug charges.

In a statement released Friday, Union County Sheriff David Taylor announced that Cornelius C. Crawford, 29, 271 #D-3 Meansville Road, Jonesville, had been indicted on federal charges. Taylor states that on Tuesday, June 13, a federal grand jury issued the following three-county indictment against Crawford:

• Count 1 — Having been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year, knowingly did possess in and affecting commerce, a firearm and ammunition, that is a Ruger .22 caliber pistol and ammunition, all of which had been shipped and transported in interstate and foreign commerce. This happening on or about June 9, 2016.

• Count 2 — Knowingly, intentionally and unlawfully did possess with intent to distribute a quantity of cocaine, a Schedule II controlled substance.

• Count 3 — Did knowingly use and carry a firearm during and in relation to, and did possess a firearm in furtherance of, a drug trafficking crime, that is, possession with intent to distribute as alleged in Count (2) of the indictment, which is prosecutable in a court of the United States, during which the firearm was brandished.

Taylor stated that, if found guilty on these charges, Crawford could receive up to 20 years in federal prison. He stated that Crawford, who was being held in the Union County Jail, was transferred to the custody of federal agents that morning. He stated that Crawford had waived his right to a bond hearing and is now being held in the Greenville County Jail.

Taylor praised the deputies with his office and the Assistant United States Attorney who worked on this case.

“We are going to send a message to the drug dealers,” Taylor said. “If you sell drugs and carry guns, you look for 20 years in federal prison.”

If convicted on federal drug, weapons charges

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