Woman charged with child neglect

By: Staff Report

UNION — A Whitmire woman has been charged with allegedly leaving her 1-year-old child alone in her car with the vehicle’s windows down and its motor running for a total of more than 30 minutes.

Nancy Elaine-Rebecca Alexander, 31, 91 Veterans Lane, Whitmire, is charged by the Union Public Safety Department with unlawful neglect of a child.

The incident report states that just before 8:45 p.m. Friday, June 9, an officer was on routine patrol in parking lot of 317 West Springs Highway (Dollar General). The report states the officer drove through the parking lot and stopped at the stop sign at the top of the parking lot in front of Walmart near the intersection of Meansville Road and the Buffalo-West Springs Highway. While stopped there, the report states the officer heard a horn blow several times behind him. An SUV then rolled up beside the officer’s patrol vehicle and a person inside waved at the officer to roll down his window.

When the officer did so, the report states he spoke with an unidentified white male and female who advised him that another individual had attempted to flag him down at Dollar Tree. The report states they told the officer that a small child had been left unattended in a red vehicle in the Dollar Tree parking lot in front of the front entrance and that the windows were down and the motor was running.

The report states the officer told the male and the female he would turn around and check on the child. The officer then returned to the parking lot and spoke with an individual who told him a baby was in the back seat of a red car and pointed to the car. The report states the individual said the child was in the car with the windows down and the engine running when he went into Dollar Tree and was still there when he was walking out.

The officer then went and ran the tag on the red car and the report states it came as registered to Alexander. The report states the officer noticed a small child — which the warrant issued in the case describes as 1-year-old — in the back driver’s side seat asleep in a car seat. The officer then advised the on-duty sergeant to report to the scene.

A short time later a white female exited Dollar Tree and went to get in the red car. The report states the officer stopped her and identified her as Alexander. The officer then asked Alexander if there was any reason the baby was in the car alone with the windows down and the engine running. The report states Alexander said she just wasn’t thinking and that she had only been in the store for five minutes.

The on-duty sergeant and another officer then arrived on the scene and the first officer advised them of the situation. The sergeant and the first officer then entered the store and viewed its video surveillance footage. The report states the footage showed Alexander entered the store at 8:22 p.m. and exited at 8:46 p.m. The officers then went back outside and spoke to Alexander, telling her that she had been inside the store for a total of 24 minutes. The first officer then informed Alexander that she was under arrest for child neglect.

When questioned by the officers about why she was in Union, the report states Alexander said she went to Hibbett Sports to get her other son some socks. The report states Alexander said she was only in Hibbett Sports for five minutes and that she took her child in the store with her.

The sergeant then went in Hibbett Sports where he questioned an employee who said Alexander came in the store for approximately 10 or 15 minutes. The report states the employee said Alexander did not have the child when she entered the store.

The sergeant then went back outside and again asked Alexander if she had taken the child in Hibbett Sports with her and the report states she admitted that she did leave the child in the car while she went inside. The report states that Alexander said that when she got back in her car, she moved it to Dollar Tree.

The sergeant then called the on call DSS worker while Alexander called a cousin to come and get her car and her child. When the on call DSS worker arrived, the report states that she spoke with Alexander about the situation and advised her that a DSS case would be opened against her.

The report states the cousin and another person arrived on the scene and DSS allowed the child to go with them. It states that the first officer then transported Alexander to the Union County Jail.

Alexander was released from the jail on bond on Saturday, June 10.

Allegedly left child in car for over 30 minutes

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