Deputies forced to take cover

By: Staff Report
Robert Reuter

UNION COUNTY — A Lockhart man was arrested this afternoon after allegedly repeatedly firing a gun while under the influence of alcohol forcing Union County Sheriff’s deputies to take cover.

Robert Lee Reuter, 51, 109 North Second Street, Lockhart, is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with discharging a firearm while under the influence of alcohol.

The incident report states that deputies were conducting K9 tracking training in the Lockhart Community with deputies from Chester County. It states a Union County deputy was walking down North Second Street and stopped at a light pole on the side of the street to wait for K9 units to track him. While the deputy was standing there, the report states he noticed a man, later identified as Reuter, across the street step out of a camper at 109 North Second Street approximately 30 yards away from him.

The report states the deputy waved at Reuter but he did not wave back. It states the deputy heard Reuter mumble something incoherently and start to walk off. The deputy observed Reuter go back to the front of the camper out of his sight. The report states the deputy then heard Reuter say loudly “I am tired of this (blank)!” It states that a few seconds later the deputy heard a loud bang that sounded like a gunshot come from the camper.

The report states the deputy then observed Reuter come back in line of sight on the side of the camper and stand there staring at him. It states the deputy called out to Reuter, “Hey buddy, Sheriffs’s Office, what’s going on?” Reuter then walked out of sight again.

The report states that it was at this point the deputy called the additional units that were also in the area conducting training to inform them of what happened. While on the phone, the report states the deputy heard another loud bang, the same as the first time, come from the camper. The other units advised they were on their way.

After the deputy hung up the phone, the report states there was another loud bang like the first two coming from the same area. The report states the deputy took cover at the side of a house across the street and was able to observe Reuter peeking out from around the corner of the camper looking at him. It states Reuter then went out of sight again and at that point loud music began playing from the camper.

Additional units arrived on scene and the report states that while the first deputy was explaining the situation another loud bang was heard. It states deputies took cover and called for backup.

The report states deputies were able to get in touch with Reuter on the phone and talked him into coming outside without any further incident. It states that it was at this point that the man was identified as Reuter and was taken into custody. It further states that a strong odor of alcohol could be smelled on Reuter’s breath.

The report states Reuter admitted that he had been shooting a .45 caliber pistol but could not recall how many time he shot the gun. It states that Reuter said he had been firing the gun into the ground. It further states that Reuter did not say why he was shooting, but did say he had had drank “a few vodkas.”

Investigators processed the scene and collected evidence. Reuter was transported to the Union County Jail where the report stated he would be charged with discharging a firearm under the influence of alcohol.

As of this evening, Reuter was still in jail.

Robert Reuter Reuter
Man charged with discharging firearm

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