Man charged with beating woman

By: Staff Report
Montel Jennings

UNION COUNTY — A Jonesville man is being charged with breaking into and vandalizing a woman’s home and then attacking and severely beating her.

Montel Marquis Jennings, 22, 125 Rogerstown Road, #4, Jonesville, is charged by the Union County Sheriff’s Office with domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, burglary first-degree, and malicious injury to property.

The incident report states that on Sunday, April 23, a deputy was dispatched to a residence on Morning Glory Drive in Union in reference to an assault. The report states that when the deputy arrived he found the complainant/victim had been severely beaten with excessive swelling to her entire face and a laceration above her right eye. It states that the victim told the deputy she was having difficulty breathing.

According to the report Union County EMS subsequently arrived on the scene and transported the victim to Union Medical Center.

The deputy spoke with the victim’s mother who the report states said she’d been told by her daughter that Jennings was inside her house when she came home and began to beat her after he pulled her inside. The report states the mother said her daughter and Jennings had a child in common.

The deputy then did a walk through of the premises and found what the report describes as extensive damage to the property throughout the building. The report states that the refrigerator was turned over and its contents spilled on the floor. It states that condiments had been intentionally splattered all over the the walls and floors. It further states that the electronics in each room were damaged and mirrors were broken. It also states that the toilet in the hall bathroom was stuffed with miscellaneous items and honey poured all over.

A deputy took pictures of all the damaged and vandalized rooms within the house while the deputy who initially responded to the scene went to Union Medical Center to get more information from the victim. The report states that the deputy was able to get pictures of the victim before treatment was given.

The victim told the deputy that she had arrived home to run in and grab some clothing for her daughter. She said that when she entered the house she saw that it had been badly vandalized. The victim said when she turned around to walk out of the house she was grabbed and pulled back in by Jennings. She said he began to beat her with his fists and then struck her in the head with a picture frame. The victim said she was on the ground and Jennings stomped on her face and head and all over her body. She said at one point Jennings placed his hands around her throat and began to choke her. The victim said she was begging Jennings to stop and leave her house, but he continued to punch and kick her.

The report states that the victim said Jennings’ girlfriend was also at the residence and was telling him to stop and he needed to leave, but he continued assaulting her. The victim said Jennings finally stopped beating her and left the residence. She said she was able to call 911 at that time and watched Jennings and his girlfriend as they left.

The report states one of the deputies investigating the scene noticed grass marks on the door where it appeared it had been kicked in. It states the deputy was able to make contact with Jennings’ girlfriend via telephone and placed the call on speaker phone while another deputy listened to the conversation.

The report states the girlfriend said she was texting Jennings earlier and he admitted to her that he had broke into the victim’s home and was destroying it. It states the girlfriend said Jenning said several times he was going to kill the victim. The girlfriend said she told Jennings to stop and that she was coming from Blacksburg to pick him up. She said that when she arrived Jennings was beating the victim. She said Jennings told her that if she called the police he would beat her as well.

The girlfriend said she nevertheless kept telling Jennings to stop and leave. She said that when he finally stopped beating the victim she drove him back to Jonesville and then returned to her home in Blacksburg. She said she would be coming the next day to meet with the deputy with her phone to show the text messages sent between herself and Jennings.

The report states the deputy was not able to get a written statement from the victim at the time, but was able to record her statement with the BWC (Body Worn Camera). It states a VNI (Victim’s Notification Information) was issued and explained to the victim, but her mother signed it for her.

The report states the deputy would be seeking arrest warrants for Jennings for burglary first-degree, domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, and malicious injury to property. It further states the deputy would be seeking an arrest warrant for accessory after the fact for Jennings’ girlfriend.

A statement released by the Sheriff’s Office this afternoon states that Jennings turned himself in at approximately 4 p.m. today.

Montel Jennings Jennings
Also charged with burglary and vandalism

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