‘Midwifing’ dreams of writing

By: Staff Report

Staff Report

UNION — An award-winning author who has “midwifed” the dreams of aspiring writers for more than 20 years will be conducting a writing workshop Saturday morning at the Piedmont Physic Garden.

Maureen Ryan Griffin will conduct a “Write Yourself” workshop at the Piedmont Physic Garden, 301 E South St., Union, from 10 a.m.-noon this Saturday. The workshop, which is sponsored by the PPG and the Union County Carnegie Library, is for anyone interested in writing about the natural world and the many ways it can enrich and inspire people’s lives. For those in attendance it will be an opportunity to explore creative writing in general whether it is journaling, memoir, poetry, fiction and/or nonfiction.

According to her website (www.wordplaynow.com) Griffin is “an award-winning poetry and nonfiction writer” whose books include Spinning Words into Gold, a Hands-On Guide to the Craft of Writing;” “I Will Never Forget You,” a grief workbook; and three collections of poetry, “This Scatter of Blossoms,” “When the Leaves Are in the Water,” and “Ten Thousand Cicadas Can’t Be Wrong.”

Griffin’s work has also been published “in numerous publications including The Texas Review, The Charlotte Observer, St.Anthony Messenger (Ohio), Potato Eyes (Maine), Kalliope (Florida), Chelsea (New York), Cincinnati Poetry Review, Catfish Stew (South Carolina), Catalyst (Georgia), and Calyx (Oregon). … Her essay ‘Waiting for My Real Life to Begin’ appears in Marlo Thomas’s The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume 2 (Atria Books, 2006) and her poem “Such Foolishness” is included in Thirteen (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2003).”

In addition to her work as a writer, Griffin is also the founder, owner and operator of “Wordplay,” a service which provides aspiring writers with programs, products and services designed to help aspiring authors realize their dreams of writing. The programs, products and services offered through Wordplay include customized programs/speaking engagements; classes, workshops, and retreats; coaching/consulting.

The website states that Griffin, a teacher and editor, has “‘midwifed’ dreams for many people for more than 20 years at a number of locations, including Chautauqua Institution, the John Campbell Folk School, Queens University, Central Piedmont Community College, and a wide variety of other venues including the North Carolina Writers’ Network, civic and other organizations, women’s groups, bookstores, schools, and churches.”

It further states that Griffin “has loved words since her ‘Cat in the Hat’ days. Maureen considers sharing her knowledge of and passion for writing both a joy and an honor, believing, as author Julia Cameron says, that ‘we are meant to midwife dreams for one another.’”

To register for the “Write Yourself” workshop, email the Piedmont Physic Garden at [email protected] or call 864-427-2556. The cost for the workshop is $20 per person and space is limited.

Piedmont Physic Garden

Located on four contiguous lots stretching from 301 E. South Street to 217 S. Mountain St. in Union, the Piedmont Physic Garden is inspired by the Chelsea Physic Garden, a small botanical garden located in London, England. Plans are for the garden to eventually include an apothecary garden that will feature plants with historical medicinal uses, many of them native to the Piedmont as well as the southern Appalachian corridor. In the long-term, the properties will be converted into a campus that will house several ornamental garden areas, and the existing homes used for housing interns and visiting faculty.

The lots for the Piedmont Physic Garden were donated by the families of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Switzer and the Honorable and Mrs. Jack Flynn. PPG Founder Toccoa W. Switzer said that is it hoped that the garden will become a resource for the community as well as a tourism destination that is pleasing to the spirit.

PPG is a 501 (c) (3) organization whose mission is horticultural and environmental education for children, teens and adults in Union County and the surrounding Piedmont region of South Carolina.

Griffin to conduct writing workshop Saturday

Staff Report