‘Angels’ needed for 55 children

By: Special to The Union Times

UNION COUNTY — A group that ministers to prisoners is asking for “angels” to help some local children with parents in pruison have a happy Christmas.

Sanders Read, a volunteer with the “Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree” ministry says the group is looking for “angels” who will provide Christmas gifts for local children whose parents are in prison and are being ministered to by the group.

“Help is needed on behalf of children in Union County who have a parent in prison,” Read said. “Fifty-five children in Union County have been registered in Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree ministry. We need caring people who are willing to take the name of one of these children and buy presents for that one child. A number of names are still available.”

Read described Prison Fellowship as “one of the world’s best ministries to prisoners. They conduct Bible studies and witness and minister in various ways to inmates and their families.”

One part of that ministry is helping the inmates it serves be able to get Christmas presents for their children.

“Through Prison Fellowship’s contacts in the prisons, inmates have an opportunity to arrange for Christmas presents to be given to their children,” Read said. “Each present, given in the name of the parent, with a personal greeting from the parent. The present with the note from the parent conveys a message far more precious than the present itself — ‘Your parent loves you, and so does God!’

“We can hardly imagine the joy children feel when they know that the incarcerated parents have not forgotten them — and the joy the parents feel in being able to do this for their children,” he said. “These gifts often lead to healing of family relationships, and even to members of the family coming to faith in Jesus Christ.”

Read said that if a person would like to particpate in this effort, to be an “angel,” the ministry would provide them with “the name of one or more of these children. There will also be the age and suggestions for gifts from the parent in prison. Your part is to shop for the child. It is suggested that about $20 to $25 be spent on each child.”

In addition to individual angels, Read said that a Sunday School class or youth group or other group in a local church could “adopt” a child.

Read said that anyone wanting to be an angel should contact him at 864-441-2317, or e-mail sandersread@juno.com. He said he will then give those interested in being an angel more information.

“Please call or e-mail as soon as you can,” Read said. “Upon your acceptance, you will be given instructions on when and where to deliver the gifts. They need to be delivered by December 5. The gifts will be distributed at a party for the children in December, to which you will be invited.

“On behalf of the children and their parents, thank you very much,” he said. “And may God bless you.”

Who have parents in prison

Special to The Union Times

This story courtesy of Sanders Read.

This story courtesy of Sanders Read.