Sheriff offers security training

By: Staff Report

UNION COUNTY — In response to mass shootings in South Carolina and around the country, Union County Sheriff David Taylor is offering security training to local churches and businesses.

In a statement released Friday, Taylor said that “in light of recent tragedies in our country,” he would like to “stress the importance of safety in churches and businesses in Union.” Taylor said he wants to “reach out to local churches and business to offer security training so that everyone is more prepared in the unfortunate event that we have a mass shooting or other attack in our community.”

Taylor pointed out that mass shootings like those that took place in Charleston, in Louisiana, and Chattanooga are increasingly commonplace. He said that while there have been no tragedies of this type in Union County, there have been instances in which church services have been disrupted. This makes it all the more important that the churches of the county and the local businesses be prepared for the unexpected to help prevent tragedy if at all possible.

Taylor said that “if you would like to schedule a training at your church or business establishment, please contact Kim Bailey at the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 864-429-1612 to schedule this important training.”
Service offered to churches, businesses

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