USC Union allocated $67,000

Charles Warner | The Union Daily Times USC Union has been allocated $67,000 in the South Carolina State Budget for the funding of a Student Academic Success Center.

UNION — A $67,000 allocation included in the 2015-2016 South Carolina State Budget through the efforts of SC House District 42 Rep. Mike Anthony will be used by USC Union to fund a new computer and tutoring lab.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Union Rotary Club, USC Union Dean Alice Taylor-Colbert announced that a $67,000 allocation included in the state budget will enable USC Union to fund a Student Academic Success Center. Taylor-Colbert thanked Anthony, a fellow Rotarian and chairman of the Union County Legislative Delegation, and the rest of the delegation for their efforts to secure the funding. She also thanked Gov. Nikki Haley for signing the funding into law along with the rest of the state budget.

“We want to thank our local delegation and Gov. Haley,” Taylor-Colbert said. “We want to especially thank Mike because he is the one who shepherded it through the entire process.”

Anthony said Thursday that the allocation for USC Union is the first earmark he has ever personally had included in the state budget in the 13 years he has been in the SC House of Representatives. He pointed out that the last time an earmark specifically for Union County was included in the budget was funding for renovations at the Union County Carnegie Library. Those funds were first earmarked by Sen. Harvey Peeler in the SC Senate and Anthony helped get it through the House which he convinced to override Haley’s veto.

As for the earmark for USC Union, Anthony said he worked to get it through the General Assembly with the assistance of the rest of the legislative delegation including Peeler, State Sen. Shane Martin, and State Sen. Ronnie Cromer. Anthony especially thanked Peeler who served on the conference committee which reconciled the Senate and House budgets.

Anthony said that the delegation was aided in its efforts by the reasonableness of USC Union’s request and the worthwhile nature of the project it requested the funds for.

“This is called a Success Center and it is for kids who are struggling in their classes and need assistance. They gave me a specific number of $67,000, which is a small amount for a worthy project and I think that is what convinced Gov. Haley not to veto it. I specifically asked to earmark what USC Union requested.”

Taylor-Colbert said that the Student Academic Success Center will be located in a classroom on the second floor of the Central Building of the campus.

“The classroom is already equipped with some computers that the students will be able to use and we’re going to hire a director,” Taylor-Colbert said. “The money will enable us to offer programming for the student services such as tutoring, leadership workshops, and professional development.

“Our students need help sometimes with their academic skills, especially writing and math,” she said. “Through our commitment to helping them succeed in the classroom we feel it is crucial that they have these services.”

Taylor-Colbert said plans are for the Student Academic Success Center to be in place and ready to begin serving USC Union students by late August.