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UNION — The March meeting of the Union Music Club took place on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at 7 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church of Union. President Tommy Bishop welcomed the students, families, and club members to the reception before the program began.


After the reception, President Bishop thanked Miss Suzy Smith for providing the programs for the concert and the host and hostesses, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kelly III, Miss Suzy Smith, Mrs. Barbara Smith, and Mrs. Carolyn Turner for the refreshments before proceeding to the sanctuary where the program was to begin. President Bishop also thanked Rev. Keith Morrison and First Presbyterian Church for hosting this event.

Performers And Musical Selections

The students who performed in this program were the students of Mrs. Carolyn Turner, Miss Suzy Smith, and Mrs. Barbara Ramsey and had just previously performed on the piano at the Junior Music Festival held at Converse College in Spartanburg, S. C. on March 5.

Miss Claire Wilson, student of Miss Suzy Smith, played “Tower Bells” composed by Christopher Goldston.

Miss Lillian turner, student of Mrs. Carolyn Turner, played “Bubble Blues” composed by Ruth Perdew.

Mrs. Barbara Ramsey’s student, Miss Emily Anthony, played “Bat That Ball” composed by Wynn-Anne Rossi.

“Trumpet Fanfare” composed by Robert Vandall was played by Miss Amelia Wright, a student of Mrs. Carolyn Turner.

Miss Thomazia Littlejohn, student of Miss Suzy Smith, played “Halfway To Halifax” composed by John Robert Poe.

Mrs. Barbara Ramsey’s student, Mr. William Lee, played “Lady Allyson’s Minuet” composed by Robert Vandall.

Miss Katherine Martin, student of Mrs. Barbara Ramsey, played “Harmony Rag” composed by Robert Vandall.

Miss Suzy Smith’s student, Miss Katie Wagner, played “Desierto de Atacama” composed by Wynn-Anne Rossi.

Miss Anna Mitchell, a student of Mrs. Carolyn Turner, played “Waltz in B flat” composed by Franz Schubert.

Mr. D.J. Anthony, a student of Mrs. Barbara Ramsey, played “Ballade, Op. 100, No. 15” composed by Friedrich Burgmuller.

Miss Suzy Smith’s student, Miss Carmen Sliwa, played “Arabesque” composed by David Karp.

Mr. Andrew Benson, a student of Mrs. Carolyn Turner, played “Starlight” composed by Mary Leaf and “Allegro Scherzando” composed by Franz Joseph Haydn.

Miss Suzy Smith’s student, Mr. Gabriel Gilstrap, played “A Happy Secret” composed by Lynn Freeman Olson and “Busy Fingers” composed by Martha Mier.

Mr. William Lee and Miss Katherine Martin, students of Mrs. Barbara Ramsey, played a duet entitled “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” arranged by Edwin McLean.

For the last performance of the evening, Miss Ellen Rieth, a student of Mrs. Carolyn Turner, played “Soliloquy” composed by Timothy Brown.

President Bishop congratulated all of the performers and thanked them, their families, and their teachers for their participation in the program.


The Music Club business meeting then began with the Invocation , Federation Collect, and the “Federation Hymn” accompanied by President Bishop on the piano. President Bishop also accompanied the members as they sang the “Together We Sing” song of the month entitled “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” (an American Song).

The minutes of the last meeting were read, corrected, and approved. The audit committee was reminded of their meeting, and the Treasurer Rev. Sanders Read presented the treasury report.

It was announced that music scholarship applications can be received by the end of March.

President Bishop encouraged the members to begin work on the April 28 fundraiser with Dr. Brennan Szafron, concert organist. Tickets will soon be ready and will be distributed to the members. It was decided that we will host a reception at the conclusion of the program, and this will be discussed at the next meeting.

The Scholarship Committee discussed the cost of different awards for the students. A decision will be made at the April meeting as to which award to purchase.

Next Meeting

The next meeting in April will be held at the Union County Museum. Mrs. James Stepp will present the final course of study program from the book entitled Victor Borge’s My Favorite Comedies in Music.


President Bishop thanked the hostesses again and adjourned the meeting after the singing of the benediction song, “The Gift of Song” by Lana M. Bailey.
Union Music Clubs holds March meeting

Special to The Times

This story was submitted by the Union Music Club.

This story was submitted by the Union Music Club.