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Mike Anthony

UNION COUNTY — Emphasizing the seniority and experience he has gained in the legislature over the past 14 years SC House District 42 Rep. Mike Anthony announced that he is running for reelection.

“I’m announcing that I will run again for State House District 42,” Anthony, a Democrat, said Monday. “This will be the eighth term.”

Anthony, who was first elected to the District 42 seat in 2002, stressed the seniority he has gained in his 14 years in the SC House of Representatives, seniority that has enabled him to serve as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, the House’s most important committee, for the past four years. He said that his seniority in the House and the experience and knowledge he has gained of the legislative process, has enabled him to effectively serve the people of Union County and the rest of District 42.

“First of all, I think the seniority I bring and the experience is important to District 42,” Anthony said. “My philosophy is more about constituent service. Many folks over the 14 years I’ve served can say I’ve helped them with state agencies.

“A good example would be two weeks ago this lady had a problem with state insurance for her retirement,” he said. “I was able to call directly to the director of PEBA who I’ve developed a relationship with. The lady had been getting put on hold for several days and she got her issue solved within a few hours.”

Anthony said helping the woman with her state insurance problem and providing similar assistance to other District 42 residents “are the things that I do that I enjoy most about representing the people of District 42.”

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Anthony said he has been able to learn a great deal about the budget-making process, enhancing his ability to represent District 42.

“I presently serve on the Ways and Means Committee and I’ve gained some seniority there by serving four years on the committee,” Anthony said. “Serving on the committee has enabled me to understand the state budget more thoroughly and to be able to serve District 42 through the appropriation of the state budget. In other words, I truly have a voice as to how taxpayer money is spent.”

Not only does his seniority and experience enable him to serve his constituents and shape the state budget, Anthony says it provides him with clout which, if reelected, he plans to use during the redistricting process. Anthony said redistricting will get under way during the second year of the next term of the state legislature and his goal will be to keep all of Union County in District 42. He said preventing the county from being divided between two or more districts is crucial to ensuring the county is able to send a representative to Columbia.

“I think it is important for the people of District 42 to know that redistricting will be brought up by the second year of the 2017-2018 term,” Anthony said. “I’ve always felt it is vitally important for Union County which is the major part of District 42 to stay whole as one piece. This will help ensure that the people of Union County will continue to have a resident legislator. As I go around the district, as I talk to people, I know this is very important to the people of Union County even though part of Laurens County is in the district.”

Anthony is a member of the Union County Legislative Delegation which is composed of himself and State Sens. Harvey Peeler, Shane Martin, and Ronnie Cromer. He is the only Union County resident on the delegation as Peeler, Martin, and Cromer are residents of Cherokee, Spartanburg, and Newberry counties respectively.

In addition to being the only Union County resident on the delegation, Anthony is the only Union County resident currently serving in the state legislature. He represents District 42 which is composed of all of Union County and part of Laruens County.

A Union County native, Anthony is a graduate of Union High School and graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Physical Education. He coached football and was athletic director at Union High School for seven years. Anthony is married and he and his wife, Dale, have three sons and four grandsons. The Anthonys are members of First Baptist Church.

Challenging Anthony for the District 42 seat are Republicans Mark Cathcart and Tommy Mann.

The Democratic and Republican primaries will be held June 14. Runoffs for any party nominations undecided in the primaries will be held June 28. The General Election will be held November 8.

Mike Anthony Anthony
Cites experience, seniority in legislature

By Charles Warner