What children should see in their fathers

Charles Warner | The Union Daily Times Christians believe that God is their Heavenly Father who loved them enough to send His Only Begotten Son to take upon Him their sins and provide for them through His suffering, death and triumph over death, hall and the grave a path to eternal salvation. God the Father sacrificed God the Son so that humans, the only species created by Him in His image, might be saved from their sins. By doing so, God the Father set an example for all Christian fathers who want to be good fathers. No, God does not call upon Christian fathers to sacrifice their children because Jesus Christ, God the Son, is the Living Sacrifice and renders further such sacrifices unnecessary. God does, however, call upon Christian fathers to put the needs — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — of their children first and to give of themselves, to sacrifice of themselves for their children, just as God gave of Himself, sacrificed of Himself, for all humanity. When a child looks at their father, they should see what Christians see in God, a loving father who gives his all for them, doing what is best for them even when they don’t think he is but, with the passage of time, will come to understand what their father did and love him all the more for it. Children should see in their father’s love for them the love of God because it is from God, the first of all fathers, that love, true love, comes from. When a child sees God’s love in their father’s love, then they truly receive a blessing and strive to be a blessing in return and, when they become parents, a blessing to their children.

Friday, June 19

At Dark: First Baptist Church, Union hosts Drive-In Movie. Everyone welcome.

Saturday, June 20

10 a.m.-noon: The Union Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1672 Monarch Highway, holds an Open House. The public is invited.

Sunday, June 21

6 p.m.: First Baptist Church, Union, hosts a concert by New Reason Chorus.

Sunday, June 21-Wednesday-June 24

3 p.m. & 7 p.m.: Mt. Olive Baptist Church holds Revival. The Rev. John E. Darby will be the Sunday afternoon speaker at 3 p.m. The Rev. James Tillotson will be the speaker Monday-Wednesday at 7 p.m. Rev. Ronald O. Feaster, Sr., Pastor.

Monday, June 22-Wednesday, June 24

6-8 p.m.: Jeter Chapel AME Church holds Vacation Bible School. The theme is “God’s Creation.”

Monday, June 22-Friday, June 26

6:30-8:30 p.m.: Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, 2153 Mt. Lebanon Road, Buffalo, holds Vacation Bible School. The theme is “Count Discovery.” Rev. Melvin Shelton, Pastor.

Sunday, June 28

10 a.m.: The Men of Corinth Baptist Church celebrates their annual Men’s Day Program. The theme this year is “Serving God Is For all The Right Reasons.” The speaker will be Deacon Attorney Donald Gist of Columbia. He is a former native of Jonesville and a member of the SC Bar Association. The public is invited to attend. Chairperson is Trustee Lonnie White. Rev. J.A. Calhoun, Pastor.

2 p.m.: Woodson Chapel Baptist Church holds their Annual Family and Friends Day program. Rev. Kenneth Wray, Pastor of Knuckles Chapel Baptist Church, Gaffney will be the speaker. The public is invited. Rev. Robert E. Collins, Pastor.

2 p.m.: Missionary Circle Bethel Baptist Church, 904 Pea Ridge Highway, Jonesville, sponsors a Women’s Day Program. The speaker will be Minister Heather Wilson of Mitchell Chapel Christian Church of Union. Everyone is invited. James E. Tilltonson, Pastor. Viola Rice, President.

6 p.m.: First Baptist Church, Union hosts the Carolina Christmas Spring Concert.

Sunday, July 5

5 p.m.: The 2015 “As We Worship” Concert is coming to Union at One Hope Performing Arts Theatre (The Union Square Cinema, 719 North Duncan Bypass). Those featured on the program include Union’s own New Reason, Kenny Smith, Shawny Wright, Tyler Pearson, Helen Jones and others. Admission is free. A love offering will be received.

Saturday, June 27

11 a.m.-2 p.m.: Morningside Baptist Outreach Ministry holds a giveaway of diapers and miscellaneous items. This will also be a family fun day with hot dogs and a bouncy house.

Sunday, June 28

2:30 p.m.: Paradise AME Church holds Family and Friends Day. Bridget Goodwin will be the guest speaker. Rev. Terry Gillyard, Pastor.

Friday, July 17-Sunday, July 19

The Sims Chapel Baptist Church will be traveling to Nashville, Tenn. On Friday, July 17, 2015 and will return on Sunday, July 19, 2015. The cost to ride the bus is $ 70 per person and is non refundable. This will include two free breakfasts at the hotel. The cost for two nights at the hotel will be $265.12 (this includes tax).

We are looking forward to you joining us in this trip.

If you are interested in going, please contact:

Trustee Wanda Williams at wandawilliams@1322@att.net or 803-271-3210

Trustee Jesse Murphy at murphy21@ygail.com 803-694-4107

Trustee Lawrence Sligh at 1960@gmail.com or 803-271-4082

Trustee Lorendia Beasley at renda42@gmail.com or 864-466-6207

Bro. Michael Epps at 803-924-2295

Sis. Jasmine Gilliam

Sis. Janet Rice

Bro. Tommy Young

Let’s go and have some fun in the name of the Lord.

Sunday, July 19

6 p.m.: First Baptist Church, Union hosts a concert by Ronnie Lybrand.

Sunday, July 26

6 p.m.: First Baptist Church, Union host a concert by Monty Allen.

July 31

At Dark: First Baptist Church hosts a Drive-In Movie. Everyone is welcome.

Bible Study

Shiloh Outreach Baptist Church, 194 Maybinton Road, Whitmire, holds a Community Bible Study on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. All are welcome.

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