Five days of fun and learning

USC Union is once again hosting its annual Activity Fun Camp for children ages 7-12. The camp, which will take place June 29-July 3 at the USC Union Founders House, will provide children with a variety of fun and educational activities involving science and technology. There will also be physical activities which the children can enjoy while also learning about cooperation and teamwork.

Charles Warner | The Union Daily Times
This poster was made by the children participating in the 2014 Activity Fun Camp at USC Union. The poster advertises a stage production of "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss presented by the children during the fun. The children taking part in this year’s Activity Fun Camp which runs from June 29-July 3 will also present a stage production based on another Dr. Seuss book, "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish."

UNION — The children participating in this year’s Activity Fun Camp at USC Union will get to take part in five days of activities that will be both fun and educational including putting on a play based a story by Dr. Seuss, taking part in online scavenger hunts, and learning how to make “Elephant Toothpaste.”

As in years past, this year’s Activity Fun Camp will be held at the USC Union Founders House at 122 North Church St., Union on the USC Union campus. It will be held from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday, June 29-Friday, July 3 and is open to children ages 7-12.

Supervising the camp will be USC Union Continuing Education Coordinator Bill Moore who said the camp is about providing children with fun activities that will also be educational.

“We call it an Activity Fun Camp because we try to mix fun, play and team activities with learning in areas such as science and technology,” Moore said. “This year we’ve got a host of competitive games we will play which will require them to use technology, to use computers. It will be almost a technology scavenger hunt so they are learning how to find things while learning about them.

“We’ve also got some simple science experiments,” he said. “Last year we did the ‘Elephant Toothpaste,’ a non-toxic chemical reaction that causes expansion. We will be doing it again this year and they will be learning about how this reaction happens.”

In addition to the science and technology activities, Moore said the camp will also provide the children participating with outdoor physical activities that will not only provide them with exercise, but help them learn about teamwork and cooperation.

“Every day we’ve got team physical activities, games involving playing and learning to get along, learning the value of team activity,” Moore said.

The children participating will also get to learn from some very special visitors.

“We’ve got scheduled visits from the Union Public Safety Department and the Union County Sheriff’s Office,” Moore said. “The Public Safety Department will be bringing a fire truck and the children will be explore it and learn how it works.

“The Union County Beekeepers Association is also coming,” he said. “They will be bringing their bees to help the kids learn about the importance of bees.”

During last year’s Activity Fun Camp, the children participating put on a stage production of Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat.” Moore said the children attending this year’s camp will put on a stage production based on another book by Dr. Seuss.

“We’re also doing another Dr. Seuss performance,” Moore said. “Last year we did ‘The Cat in the Hat.’ This year we’re doing ‘One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.’ During the week they make their costumes and props and learn their lines. I think we will perform it on Thursday.”

Moore said the cost of the camp per child is $70 which covers lunch, snacks, drinks, and activities.

“The children don’t have to bring anything,” Moore said.

Moore said the camp can accommodate up to 12 children and that eight children have already been signed up by their parents.

To sign up your child up to attend the Activity Fun Camp at USC Union call Bill Moore at 864-424-8037 or email him at [email protected]