Recipes for helping others

Charles Warner | The Union Daily Times “Savoring The Memories” is a collection of recipes being sold by Heartland Assisted Living to raise funds for Union County Meals on Wheels. Of the 550 copies printed, 214 have been sold and another 336 are still available for sale at the price of $15 per copy.

UNION — A book of recipes for sale is part of the effort by staff and residents and the families of residents and former residents of Heartland Assisted Living to support Union County Meals on Wheels.

“Savoring The Memories” is a collection of recipes collected, printed, and being sold by Heartland Assisted Living. The book features recipes provided by the staff, residents, families of residents, and even the families of former residents. A total of 550 copies were printed and are being sold to raise $5,000, half of which ($2,500) will be donated by Heartland Assisted Living to Meals on Wheels.

“It is a book the residents created,” Heartland Assisted Living Admissions Coordinator Virginia Babb said. “The whole idea behind it is to raise money for Meals on Wheels.”

The Union County Meals on Wheels delivers meals to senior citizens in Union and Buffalo five days a week. The group, which is staffed entirely by volunteers, relies on local private donations and memorials to fund its activities.

Babb is herself a Meals on Wheels volunteer and last year she and Heartland Assisted Living residents Margaret Greer and Virginia Harmon worked together on a hot dog sale that raised over $1,000 for Meals on Wheels. The success of the hot dog sale inspired Babb to want do more to help the organization and she shared her thoughts with Greer and Harmon who, it turns out, were former Meals on Wheels volunteers themselves.

“I’ve run Meals on Wheels routes a little over the years,” Babb said. “I’ve got a passion for helping people and I know they needed help over at Meals on Wheels.”

Babb said they came up with the idea of printing and selling a book of recipes and this lead her to talk to Carmen Jeter who teaches art classes at Heartland Assisted Living and Mary Jo Rogers, a resident of the facility about the recipe book idea. She said that while she and the others involved began contacting and collecting recipes from members of the staff, the residents, the families of the residents, and families of former residents, Jeter typed up each recipe as it was received, along with any messages accompanying honoring either residents or their memories.

“I asked Carmen if she would do a memory of her mom and she did such a wonderful job of bringing back the memory of her mom cooking,” Babb said. “She poured her heart into every page. She did a phenomenal job and we’re grateful for what she did.”

Babb said the book includes both old recipes handed down from generation to generation and new ones. She said the recipes included in the book honor either a current Heartland Assisted Living resident or the memory of a former resident. The book also includes information about both the staff of Heartland Assisted Living and the Meals on Wheels organization.

The books cost $15 a copy and Babb said that of 550 printed 214 copies have been sold with 334 left for those interested in acquiring the recipes for some good dishes while also helping out a worthy cause.

Babb said that plans are to raise a total of $5,000 through the sale of the books with $2,500 going to Meals on Wheels and the remainder to fund activities for the residents of Heartland Assisted Living.

To purchase a copy of “Savoring The Memories” and/or for more information call 864-427-0315.