An item of ‘Old Business’ approved

City Council approves property rezoning

By Charles Warner [email protected]

UNION — Union City Council took care of some “Old Business” at its September meeting and moved a property owner a step closer to getting a new house placed on their property.

Every meeting of City Council — and, for that matter, other legislative bodies — has an agenda, the main part of which is the “Business” portion of the meeting. The Business portion of a meeting deals with the matters the Council or other governing body must deal with, usually by voting on them after presentation about the items usually made by the government officials whose departments are concerned with those items. Sometimes only one vote is required to approve an item, but in the case of Ordinances like the one approved by City Council at its September meeting, more than one vote is required for the Ordinance to take effect, to become law. In the City of Union, two readings of an Ordinance must be approved by Council whereas for Union County three readings approved by Union County Council are required.

The Business section of agenda is often divided between “New Business,” that is items that are having their first presentation before the governing body whose approval is required. The other section is “Old Business,” that is items previously presented to the governing body and, usually, voted on. In the case of Ordinances, Old Business is, in the City of Union, usually second reading of a particular Ordinance.

Some agendas are very long as was the agenda for City Council’s September 8 Workshop. Some, however, are very short as was the agenda for City Council’s September 15 meeting which included only one order of Business, in this case the Old Business of the second reading of an Ordinance.

The Ordinance, which was previously presented to Council at its August meeting, was presented — as it was in August — with background prepared by City of Union Planning and Zoning Coordinator Kathy A. Teague. It was a request for the Rezoning of the property at 336 Meansville Road to be rezoned from Zoning District R-15 (Residential) to Zoning District R-8 (Residential).

The Rezoning Analysis Staff Report accompanying the ordinance describes the property as “a vacant 11-acre parcel on Meansville Road directly across the street from Union Christian Day School (zoned R-15). An adjacent manufactured home park in Creekside Drive is to west and property to the north is zoned R-8.”

The Report states that applicant was asking for the property to be rezoned “to allow one new manufactured home to be installed on the property.”

Council, as it did in August, voted unanimously to approve second and final reading thus clearing the way for that new manufactured home to be installed at 336 Meansville Road.

In case you’re wondering, the meeting — which also included recognition of the anniversaries of employment of four City of Union employees, announcements by Mayor and Council, updates and announcements, and public comments — began at 6:30 p.m. and ended at 6:57 p.m.

A short meeting, indeed.

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