‘A better future for each student’

Jeter is PUSD Teacher of the Year

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				                                Photo courtesy of Erica Savage-Jeter
                                Jamie Jeter, Masonry Instructor at the Tyger River High School of the Palmetto Unified School District (PUSD) has been named the PUSD’s Teacher of the Year.

Photo courtesy of Erica Savage-Jeter

Jamie Jeter, Masonry Instructor at the Tyger River High School of the Palmetto Unified School District (PUSD) has been named the PUSD’s Teacher of the Year.

UNION — Helping get young men back on the right track in life is why Jamie Jeter became a teacher in the Plametto Unified School District’s (PUSD) Tyger River High School and his success in doing so is why he has been named the District’s Teacher of the Year.

Since October 2009, Jeter, who holds a South Carolina Professional Teaching Certification in Vocational Masonry, has been a Masonry Instructor at the PUSD Tyger River High School in Enoree. Prior to becoming a Masonry Instructor at the school, Jeter served as an Adult Education Teacher there from July 2014 to December 2018 and, from January 2007 to October 2009, served as a Masonry Instructor the PUSD Trenton High School in Trenton.

Before beginning his teaching career, Jeter worked at McGee Brothers Masonry from February 1999 to January 2007.

His career as a Masonry Instructor grew out of his experience in school, an experience that set him on the path to becoming an educator.

In his Tyger River High School Professional Biography, Jeter looks back on his own experience as a high school student and the profound influence his vocational instructor on his life including his decision to become a teacher.

As a student in a vocational program, my instructor (Mr. Campbell) had a huge influence on my life. I graduated high school and entered the masonry field with the plans of one day becoming a vocational instructor. However, I know that if it was not for vocational courses and the impact my instructor had on my life, I do not know what path I would have taken. Reminding myself of this impact has influenced me to become a teacher simply because I wanted to have this same kind of impact on the lives of others.

Starting out, I had to decide whether I wanted to teach in public school and try to get students on the right path, or if I wanted to teach in corrections and attempt to get those that took the wrong path back on track. After a few years, I felt that God led me the right direction because I developed a great passion for trying to help young men that may not have made the best decisions, or just did not have the opportunity due to their environment or other reasons.

I take great pride in my students with their accomplishments. For many of my students, this is the first time they have successfully achieved a goal.

My greatest professional accomplishment has been that I reach my certificate numbers years. My greatest contribution to society is that I strive to create law-abiding, taxpaying citizens that will become productive members of this society.

Jeter’s educational background includes Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Limestone College, a Masters Certificate in Youth Development from Clemson University, a Masters in Sports Psychology from Capella University,and he is an NCCER Core Certified Teacher. He has developed the following philosophy about students and learning and the role the educator plays in the lives of their and what it takes to implement this philosophy and its goals.

All students can learn. Education’s purpose is to create a better future for each student by empowering them with the skills to succeed in the workplace and in society. It takes a team effort to make this philosophy and vision a reality.


According to the entry on its history in the SC Department of Corrections website (http://www.doc.sc.gov/edu/pusd.html#history) the Palmetto Unified School District (PUSD) began in 1981 by mandate of the South Carolina legislature (SC Statue 24-25-10), to provide educational services to inmates through a statewide school district. … The purpose of the district is to enhance the quality and scope of educational services for inmates within the South Carolina Department of Corrections. PUSD’s mission is to maximize the academic, vocational and life skills of student inmates for their successful return to society.

This story courtesy of Erica Savage-Jeter.