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Will seek the Democratic nomination

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UNION COUNTY — A veteran of 28 years of law enforcement is running for the Democratic nomination for Sheriff of Union County.

Robbie Hines says that “after 28 years of continual law enforcement service to the community” he want to use his “dedicated experience to serve the people of Union County if elected.”

The press release announcing Hines’ candidacy describes him as “a man with a proven track record of results, integrity, and management” who made the decision to run for Sheriff “after being approached by many in the community.”

Hines said that he has “a deep personal commitment to serve this county to bring a higher standard of law enforcement and to protect victims of crime, in the community in which we all live.”

If elected, Hines said that he will bring to the Office of Sheriff “a new style of leadership with integrity and transparency” and “will provide responsible and accountable safety measures, as well as providing proactive law enforcement.” He said that he “will be actively involved with the citizens of Union County and the employees of the Sheriff’s Office as well as communication offices.”

Among the policies and actions he would implement if elected Sheriff, Hines said he would, first, work to “provide more diligent patrol services to the rural areas of the county. I would also work to implement a Neighborhood Watch Committee. I want to concentrate on the rise of mental health issues and offer better training to our deputies and first responders in dealing with persons suffering mental illness in a compassionate and caring manner so they get the help they need. I will continue to be proactive as it relates to the drugs that infest our community. I want to focus on bringing education to our citizens through social media and churches and neighborhood gatherings as it relates to substance abuse and drugs, property crime, scams/financial fraud crimes and other important topics. I want to revamp the policies of the Sheriff’s Office where it concerns our employees.”

The first 9 years of Hines’ law enforcement career were with the Union Public Safety Department. He joined the Sheriff’s Office in 2000 as a Criminal Investigator. In the 19 years since, Hines has served as Assistant Jail Administrator, Jail Administrator, 911 Emergency Communications Director, Assistant Emergency Management Director, and then transferred back to the Sheriff’s Office as Administrative Captain. When the rank of Major was created for the Sheriff’s Office, Hines was promoted to that position, becoming the first Major in the history of the office. He was serving as Major when he retired earlier this year.

Hines said that “I want to thank Sheriff David Taylor for giving me the opportunities to serve in all of these positions within the Sheriff’s Office and trusting me with these responsibilities to better the department and the services to the citizens of Union County.”

While running as a Democrat, Hines said he does not see the Sheriff’s Office as partisan one, but as an institution serving all the people of Union County.

“I am running to be Sheriff of Union County and serve the people of our great county,” Hines said. “I want to serve the public and help make Union County a safe place to live and be proud of.”

A lifelong resident of Union County, Hines graduated from Union High School in 1991 and attended USC Union where he earned an Associate of Science and Associate of Art degrees. He earned his degrees while working full-time with the Union Public Safety Department. Hines is the father of two children. He is a Baptist.

“Raising my two kids in Union County is of the utmost importance to me and why I have spent my adult life in law enforcement and why I want to be Sheriff,” Hines said. “I want them to grow up in a safe community. I want all of our children to grow up in a safe community and that’s why I’m running for Sheriff. I have a vested interest as all parents do in making sure Union County remains safe for all of our children.”

Hines’ campaign slogan is “Dedicated to Union” and he said if elected, he will continue to serve the people of Union County as Sheriff with the same level of dedication, professionalism, honesty, and integrity as he has over the past three decades.

Will seek the Democratic nomination

Staff Reports

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