Christmas Parade rescheduled to Dec. 8

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist
Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column, Connie Porter writes about the Lockhart Christmas Parade being rescheduled from December 1 to December 8.

We have to change the Lockhart Christmas Parade and Festival of Lights from the first Sunday in December to the second Sunday, so instead of the 1st it will be on the 8th of Dec at 3 p.m.

The reason is the Buffalo has their parade the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and we have ours the first Sunday in December and guess what? It falls on the same day this year. A few years ago this also happened, all both of us did that day was change our times so nobody would miss either one. We tried to change our time this year but Buffalo wouldn’t. But it doesn’t matter, I hope we still have a great parade and I can get a lot of floats.

I still have a trophy for the best decorated golf cart, because nobody put one in last year. I think a couple of girls showed up but the parade was getting started. To be judged you have to be at the Lockhart School by 2 p.m. My trophies are for Original, Best Theme, and Attractive. Call me at 1-864-545-6652 or 864-251-3883.

If you have beauty queens or just want to decorate your car come and join us. But if you want a trophy, now you know what to do.

Lights And Memorial Angels

Dale Inman, and a few of the Lockhart Firemen are starting to work on the lights that we put up every year on most of the streets. They have to test every bulb and re-tape all the wires. They work every night on it until just before Thanksgiving when the Lockhart Power guys use the bucket trucks and put them up for us, after we put them out at the poles where we want them.

Then Dale and Patti cut out the Memorial Angels and paint them and put them up on the fence at Gregory’s Playground.

So if you want to renew your Memorial you can bring $10 to me at the beauty shop or Town Hall. If you want a new one it’s $20. I can tell you later what the deadline is on that.

Very Busy

The firemen of Lockhart also direct the traffic for the parade lineup. But I don’t seem to have anyone that wants to go out to various businesses, groups and churches to see if they would put in a float. So between being Mayor, beautician, caregiver, and parade doer, I’ll do the best I can to see that we have a great parade. Hopefully Ailene will put the festival of lights together as she does every year. She keeps telling me that she’s retired, but that doesn’t work for me, she’s still breathing.

Writing Again

Yes, it’s been forever since I’ve written this letter, but let’s see how I do this time, and thanks to all of you that asked about why I haven’t written. Somebody made a comment, and it seemed negative to me, so I figured why write.

But this writing goes way back when Hoyt Haney was alive and different people in each area of Union wrote in a special paper called the GRAPEVINE. Hoyt had the front page and he was so funny in his story telling. Nothing was serious in this paper, we all kind of made fun of ourselves. And as time went on most of you felt like you knew our lives through our stories.

I’ve received phone calls from people who don’t live in S.C. anymore but were born in Lockhart and it brings a little of home to them. I received a phone call from Kuwait, when our National Guards were over there a few years ago, asking me not to quit writing because they were reading it on computers. And it also was a little bit of home.

Some have requested that I tell stories of my years in Michigan, and some don’t want to hear it, but who do you please?

Hospice Gifts

Something else that I do, is collect gifts for one of the Hospice places, that take these gifts to the Nursing Homes and Senior Apartments. A lot of these elderly don’t have family and so this is a nice way to let them know we haven’t forgotten them.

If you want to donate, we can use so many things, such as coloring books, crayons, word search, powders, personal care, stuff animals and dolls, throws, I have a long list, just call me or bring anything you want to my shop. Someone brought sweatshirts the other day. One year I had 22 throws, 200 gloves, 1,000 socks, she had to bring a van to pick up everything. Maybe this will be another good year.

Dog Story

Well, Gina and I went to Spartanburg today, and it’s the first time that the dog had not eaten up anything in the house. We told him how proud we were of him. One day I’ll take the picture of my old couch that he enjoyed tearing up every inch of it to Charles to print in the paper or maybe I’ll put it on Facebook, so you can see what I’ve been telling you about him. Gina said she couldn’t believe that I took a picture and showed it to everybody. People that come by ask her if that’s the bad dog. She says no, he’s a good dog that does bad things.

He gets so excited when I come in from work that he jumps on the piano, the lid that covers the keys. Now when I play it some of the keys stick because of his 70 lb. weight pressing down on them. I really don’t know how a song really sounds until I go over to Dianne’s house and play her piano.

Kitten Story

Now I also have a 5 month old kitten that loves to help me play. Every time I play he walks over my hands on the keys and after he played both ends he lays down and stretches out on the keys, if I still try to play he nibbles on my fingers while still standing on the keys. My life is never dull.

I’ll save some of my stories for later and remember you don’t have to analyze this story, it’s just for fun. Until next time, goodnight and my number is 1-864-545-6652.

Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column, Connie Porter writes about the Lockhart Christmas Parade being rescheduled from December 1 to December 8. Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column, Connie Porter writes about the Lockhart Christmas Parade being rescheduled from December 1 to December 8.
News Around Lockhart

By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist

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