Roach to retire June 30, 2020

By: Staff Report
Dr. William Roach

UNION COUNTY — A month after the end what will be his fourth year in the office Dr. William F. Roach will retire as Superintendent of the Union County School District.

During Monday’s meeting of the Union County Board of School Trustees at the Union County Career & Technology Center, Roach announced his intention to retire at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

“As I prepared for my annual evaluation, I reflected back over the things that we have accomplished as a District since 2016,” Roach said. “Since that time, we have done a lot of great things and continue to add accomplishments to this list. As proud as I am of our folks and all that we have accomplished, I want to see Union County Schools continue to move forward and continue to see even greater success.

“To help ensure that we continue doing great things I want to make sure the board has sufficient time to find the next leader for our District. My wife and I have prayed for several months for God’s guidance and after much prayer, I have decided to retire at the end of this school year.”

Roach thanked the board for the opportunity to serve the school district and said he would help in any way he can to assist in the transition to a new superintendent.

“I am thankful for my time in Union County and I want to thank the Board for the opportunity that was entrusted to me to lead this great district,” Roach said. “I have learned a great deal during my tenure, and I hope is I have left Union County Schools better than when I started.

“I will work with the board anyway I can to help ensure the transition for the new superintendent is smooth as possible,” he said. “My last official day in our district will be June 30, 2020.”

Roach has served as Superintendent of the Union County School District since June 1, 2016 having been appointed by the board at the end of March of that year. At the time of his appointment, Roach was serving as Assistant Superintendent for Administration for the School District of Pickens County. Prior to that he had served a teacher/coach, assistant principal and principal in Greenville. A graduate of Furman University, Roach holds a Ph.D. in Education Administration from the University of South Carolina.

Initiatives And Accomplishments

In announcing his plans to retire, Roach presented the board with the following list of the initiatives and accomplishments of the Union County District since 2016.


1. Restorative Justice — Being used in schools since 2016-17

2. Created a five-year Digital plan — 2016-17

3. Master’s Degree program for teachers — Began in 2016

4. Update Scope and Sequence — Partially implemented 2016-17 and completed 2018-19

5. Buffalo Elementary was selected to be part of the Patriot Pointe’s Institute of History, Science, and Technology Blended Learning Literacy and Distance Learning Educational Program — 2016-17

6. Provided 2 Early Childhood/Elementary Instructional Math Coaches using Title 1 money

7. Provided two Class-size reduction teachers in two elementary schools using Title 2 money

8. Adult Education was transferred to Spartanburg Community College


1. Leadership Academy — Implemented 2017-18 school year

2. Capital needs five-year plan — Began in 2017-18 school year

3. Interactive Boards in every classroom — Implemented 2017-18 school year

4. Moved the entire District to 100% Online State Testing — 2017-18

5. Implemented PowerSchool Registration — 2017-18

6. Implemented an On-line Bully notification system — 2017

7. Applied for and received a Mobile Device Management grant with the SC Department of Education — 2017

8. CATE completers — New director hired in 2017-18 with this as focus

9. Increase continuity of leadership with the development of the LEAD (Leadership Exploration And Development) program for current and prospective leaders within out District — Began in 2017-18

10. Standardizing the Teacher-to-Student Ration at 22:1 — Began in 2017-18

11. Moved to the on-line program of Aegis (formerly known as BIB) for comprehensive background checks of all chaperones, volunteers and perspective employees — Began in 2017-18

12. Completely updated the School Board Policy Manual — Began in 2017 and completed in 2019

13. All HVAC at Buffalo Elementary School replaced — 2017

14. All HVAC at Monarch Elementary School replaced — 2017

15. Implemented the conversion of lighting systems to LED technology for long range energy savings — began 2017

16. Hired Early Childhood/Elementary Instructional Math Coach using Title 1 money

17. Purchased New balanced-literacy material for 4K using Title 1 money

18. Provided two Class-size reduction teachers in two elementary schools using Title 2 money

19. Hired an Instructional Coach at UCHS

20. Implemented Read 180 in grades 6th through 12th for students with an IEP

21. Participated in the National Writing Project Grant with 6th through 12th grade ELA teachers

22. Implemented the District Back-to-School Professional Development Day

23. Started the STEM Camp for At-Risk Middle School students


1. One to One — Started in 17-18, All students 6-12 beginning in 2018-19, projected to be District wide 1 to 1 by 2021-22 school year.

2. All camera systems updated in District — Completed 2018-19

3. Upgraded Phone systems at all locations to a standard IP based system — completed 2018-19

4. Upgraded Intercom systems at all locations to Bogan Systems — completed 2018-19

5. Upgraded all Camera Systems at all locations completed — 2018-19

6. Upgraded all door entry systems at all locations — 2018-19

7. Standardized the exterior doors at all locations — 2018-19

8. Employed an Instructional Technology person to train teachers on how to effectively use technology in the classroom. Began in 2018-19

9. Installed a backup and disaster recovery solution to backup and maintain mission critical applications — completed 2018

10. Implemented Cisco Umbrella for out of scope virus, malware and content scanning — completed 2018

11. Installed Mastery Connect program with the Case 21 Item Bank for teachers 2018

12. Increase in rigor — more dual-credit and AP offerings. — Partially 2018-19

13. Develop UCS Instructional Design for Student Success with the key elements of an effective instructional program — Completed 2018-19

14. Create and organize consistency with district instructional curriculums for K-8 math and ELA — Began in 2018-19

15. The implementation of principals’ instructional meetings for leadership development and support — Began in 2018-19

16. Implemented TalentED On-line application system for all positions — Began in 2018-19

17. Created a plan, in cooperation with the County Supervisor and County Council, to upgrade the Union County Football Stadium — 2018-2019

18. CATE Center: Replaced outdated Boiler and Chiller system with new HVAC and Gas Shop heaters — 2018

19. Resurfaced infields for all Baseball and Softball fields — 2018

20. Replaced track surface at UCHS — 2018

21. Installed permanent bleachers for visitors at UCHS track field — 2018

22. Installed shade structure for bleachers at UCHS tennis courts — 2018

23. Student restrooms at Buffalo and Monarch updated — 2018

24. Kindergarten playground surfacing installed at Buffalo and Foster Park Elementary Schools — 2018-19

25. Jonesville Elementary School playground surfacing replaced — 2018

26. Jonesville and Sims Middle School re-painted — 2018

27. Jonesville and Sims Middle School gym floors resurfaced — 2018

28. Implemented Community Eligibility Program in our Food Service Program, providing meals to 100% of students at no cost to families — 2018

29. Relocated and Updated the Transportation Office to better manage school buses and routes — 2018

30. Union County Schools received the SC Energy Office award for reduction of energy use — 2018

31. Created a Union County Schools Instructional Framework

32. Created a Union County Schools Math Guide

33. Began creating a Union County Schools ELA guide

34. Added two Early Childhood/Elementary Instructional Math Coaches through Title 1.

35. Provided iLit for students in grades 6-9 using Title 1 funds

36. Provided a .5 Mental Health Counselor at the Achievement Academy using Title 4 funds

37. Created an Instructional position at SMS

38. Reorganized the Achievement Academy

39. Fund Balance increased annually from $2,094,875 on 6/30/2016 to $3,544,331 on 6/30/18 ($1.45 million increase over two years)


1. Was able to hire an architect to assess the District’s buildings and propose possible solutions to upgrade current schools and facilities — 2019-20

2. Was able to place a School Resource Office in every school — 2019-2020

3. Foster Park Elementary School restrooms renovated — 2019

4. Purchased 2 new Activity Buses — 2019

5. Transferred 2 old Activity Buses to USC-U to support cooperative relationship — 2019

6. Began implementation of the Union County Schools Instructional Framework and Math Guide

7. Continued creating the Union County Schools ELA Guide

8. Created the Union READS initiative

9. Formed a school partnership with Safe Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition for Erin’s Law requirement

10. Created the USCD Teacher Institute for Literacy and Technology

11. Implemented Early Dismissal Days to allow time for teacher professional development

12. Added another Early Childhood/Elementary Instructional Math Coach through Title 1

13. Hired ELA and Math consultants for our elementary schools through Title 1

14. Hired a .5 Mental Health Counselor for the Achievement Academy through Title 4 money

15. Hired a .5 Behavioral Interventionist for upper elementary grades through Title 4 money

16. Will host a Summer Camp for grades 4 & 5 during the Summer of 2020 paid for by Title 4 money

17. Purchased classroom libraries for UCHS and Sims Middle School using Title 5 money

18. Provide Compassionate Schools Training for all schools using Title 5 money

19. Provide Read 180 and System 44 programs for UCHS and JEMS using ATSI money

20. Hired an English as Second Language teacher

Dr. William Roach William Roach
As Union County School District Superintendent

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