Oreo Day 2015

UNION — The students in Mrs. Roark’s 2nd Grade class at Foster Park Elementary School participated in Oreo Day on Oct. 15.

This is always a special day because students learn — with Oreos. To begin, students guessed how many mini Oreos were in the Oreo Estimation Jug. The student who guessed the closest without going over won the jug of mini Oreos.

Next, students voted on their favorite way to eat an Oreo — just eat it, split it apart, or dunk it in milk. A class graph was made and students analyzed the graph.

Oreo math was next. Students practiced their problem solving skills by solving word problems about Oreos on their markerboards. Earlier in the week, the students constructed bridges using toothpicks and gumdrops. Now it was time to test their bridges to see which group’s bridge would hold the most Oreos without crashing. The winning group’s bridge held 20 Oreos!

After lunch, the students rotated through the following Oreo stations — measurement, weighing, durability testing, sink or float testing, and distance testing. The last activity of the day was the stacking contest. As students waited their turn to stack, they completed their Oreo Day writing activity. Of course, their writing snack of the day was ….. OREOS!

The winning stacker was Jacoby Castle with 23 Oreos. At the end of the day, there was an Oreo Day Awards Ceremony in which the winning stackers received a certificate, trophy, and Oreos! The results of the stacking contest were sent in to be compared with other classes around the world as part of an online project. Oreo Day is always an exciting day in Mrs.Roark’s 2nd Grade Class!