Online survey for community plans

By: Special to The Union Times

UNION COUNTY & UNION — The public is being asked to participate in a survey to help the City of Union and Union County develop Comprehensive Plans for the future of the community.

In a statement released Thursday, Catawba Regional Council of Governments Senior Planner Kara W. Drane announced that the county and the city are developing Comprehensive Plans and, as a part of community outreach, electronic surveys are available for residents to complete. Drane stated that the the short survey gives participants an opportunity to share their ideas on challenges and possibilities for the City and the County.

“We hope all residents, business leaders, youth, community partners and stakeholders engage in this process and help us plan the future of our community, ” City of Union Mayor Harold Thompson. “With the involvement of our entire community, the plans that are developed will be based on a shared vision and the implementation of these plans will positively impact our residents.”

The press release states that people interested in sharing ideas for the future of Union County and the City of Union are encouraged to complete a survey during October. It states that links to the survey can be found on Union County’s website; City of Union’s website; and Catawba Regional Council of Governments’ website It further states that printed surveys are available at Union County Courthouse, Union City Hall, and the Union County Tourism and Workforce Development Office, 103 West Main Street (Previously the SC Works location).

“Residents are able to provide feedback on community development, recreation, natural resources, housing, economic development, and transportation, including transit alternatives related to a proposed transportation program for Union County,” Union County Supervisor Frank Hart said. “The input provided by residents will be incorporated into plans for the community as we move forward together.”

The press release states that the Comprehensive Plan, mandated in the South Carolina Planning Act, is a reflection of local values. It states that the required elements of the plan include population, land use, priority investment, housing, transportation, economic development, community facilities, cultural resources and natural resources.

For more information, contact Union County or Catawba Regional Council of Governments through the following individuals at the following phone numbers and email addresses:

• Katherine Pendergrass, Union County — 864-680-0555 or [email protected]

• Kara W. Drane, AICP, Catawba Regional Council of Governments — 803-327-9041 or [email protected]

• Robby Moody, AICP, Catawba Regional Council of Governments — 803-327-9041 or [email protected]
For Union County and the City of Union

Special to The Union Times