‘Ye are the salt of the earth’

By: By Cathleen Cathcart - Contributing Columnist

Do you know how valuable you are? Did you know that you have the capacity to make all the difference in someone’s life? Your kindness and generosity can bring healing and encouragement to those around you. Jesus said in Matthew 5:13 “Ye are the salt of the earth.” Why would he say this? Well, let’s look at what salt does.

First of all, we know there are foods that we dare not put to our lips without salt (grits to name one) because the flavor, or lack of, is not pleasing the palate. But aside from savor, salt does so much more than just make my grits taste good. Salt preserves, it can cure meat and extend the shelf life of many foods. Salt also melts ice and can be used to treat wounds.

This analogy shows the wide range of help that the follower of Christ can offer. We should be pleasant and enjoyable to be around. We should have a positive effect on the coldhearted and those who have become bitter. We should bring peace and comfort to those who are suffering, and we should help to preserve the faith of those who find themselves losing hope.

Jesus also said in the latter part of verse 13 “if the salt have lost its savor… it is thenceforth good for nothing.” It is important that we do not lose our “saltiness.” We can be of no benefit to others when we have lost our savor. It is far too easy to become burnt-out and frustrated in this fast paced world we live in which can lead to a loss of compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness, or helping others in any way. Be encouraged of your importance and the impact you can make on others. Don’t let time wear away your flavor to the world around you.

I pray, “Lord, let me be reminded that my love, joy, peace, and “saltiness” comes from you. It is a never-ending supply. When I get frustrated, I feel that I have nothing left to offer, but You are a fountain that will never run dry! You are my strength. Help me to better understand I’m not showing the world who I am — I’m showing them who You are! Use me to enhance, heal, warm, and bring joy to the world around me, in Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”


By Cathleen Cathcart

Contributing Columnist

Rev. Cathleen N. Cathcart is pastor of New Life Worship Center in Spartanburg.

Rev. Cathleen N. Cathcart is pastor of New Life Worship Center in Spartanburg.