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A new name for the Lockhart Cafe

Barry and Bernice are divorced, therefore they do not own the Lockhart Cafe, because Bernice wanted to sell it, and Barry closed the Chester diner and has one somewhere going to Rock Hill. The new owners, as I’ve told you before are Margie and James Sisk, but Bernice works for them as a cook.

So this is what we are going to do, so people will realize it’s a newly opened business, we are going to change the name of the cafe. We’re hoping the people of Lockhart will participate by thinking of a new name. Bring your new name to my beauty shop, or call and include your name and phone number. You can also take it to the Town Hall. The winner will get one free meal a week for a month. In one month we’ll name the winner. Judges will be Margie and James. Join in the fun!!

Sunday Menu

Menu for this Sunday, the 29th: Fried chicken — breast or leg; ham; choice of 3 — potatoes & gravy, rice & gravy, green beans, field peas and snaps, mac & cheese, dressing & gravy, broccoli casserole, potato salad, slaw; cornbread or roll; assorted cakes. Hours are 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Dining Together

After our town meeting Tuesday, the council and mayor went over to the cafe for dinner. We used to do it all the time a very long time ago. It was nice to be together and enjoy good food again.

‘Sharing’ An Umbrella

After visiting the chiropractor (Dr. Sherman) we stopped at Hardee’s to get something to eat on our way to Spartanburg. Gina came in while I was waiting for our order with the umbrella, stating that it was starting to rain. The wind got way up, and the thunder was booming loud, the rain was unbearable, but Gina wanted us to share this one umbrella.

Let me tell you how she shares. She put it completely on the top of her head, and she was in the middle of it, I tried to get under, impossible, so I ran for it, water was dripping off of me, I was soaked. She kept saying that she just couldn’t understand why I didn’t get under it. HA!!

Then she turned the air on full blast, thinking it would dry her pant legs. I was shivering, because as you know I was soaked.

Dog Problems

Well after talking to a couple of my customers I finally found they have the same kind of dog I have, and they have eaten their furniture also. Gina keeps telling after they turn a year it will quit. One guy said one and half years it will stop.

Well, I absolutely will not let anyone see my living room. But, the other day Chuck stopped by, and sat on the glider with me and Gina came out on the porch and sat on the swing. She left the big door opened with just the glass outer door shut, and the famous dog stood looking out the door.

Guess who jump up on the door and locked us out?! Of course!!

We tried a whole lot of stuff to bust the lock, finally Chuck picked up the spade and broke in. So I said “You might as well see my beautiful living room.” I mean the door was open anyway.

I’m waiting for his year, so I can fix the room up again. So why do it now, it just gives him something new to eat.

Piano Lessons

Well you all know by now that I’m taking piano lessons, the last I played was about 20 years or so ago. But it’s going better than I thought. Oh I’d never be any good to play in public.

So looking through my old piano bench I found sheet music that I bought back in the 70’s so the teacher has been helping me perfect some of the songs. Do you older people remember Debbie Boone singing You Light Up My Life? Every night for two weeks I would practice it.

Then Gina came in the room and said, “Is she making you play that song?” I hate it and never want to hear it again. I never liked Debbie Boone when she sang it.”

I told her it was my choice to learn it, but I’ll never play it again. So when I went to Diane’s Wednesday I told her to take the sheet music and keep it or give it away. She said she’d save it for me and I said no, I will never want it again. This is like being married again.

Humor Of The Day

My ancestors wandered lost in the wilderness for forty years, because even in biblical times, men would not stop to ask for directions.

Well good night and call with your cafe names and it cannot include the name Lockhart, because you will think Bernice still has it. 1-864-545-6652

Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter announces a contest to select a new name for the Lockhart Cafe.
https://www.uniondailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/web1_web1_Town-of-Lockhart-4.jpgCharles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter announces a contest to select a new name for the Lockhart Cafe.
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