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Lets support the Lockhart Cafe

I hope you’ve visited the Lockhart Cafe and enjoyed the Sunday dinner, James and Margie Sisk will make you feel welcome. Sunday’s Cafeteria style this Sunday will be choice of fried chicken (breast or legs) or country style steak and gravy; 3 choices of potatoes & gravy, rice & gravy, green beans, lima beans, cabbage, mac&cheese, potato salad, slaw fried okra. Then rolls or cornbread. Dessert is choice of fruit cobbler, egg custard or coconut custard. Hours on Sunday are 11-3 p.m. Or visit thru the week from the regular menu. Hours 11-9 p.m.

We’ve been asking what was happening with the cafe and wanting someone to reopen it. So now it’s happened so let’s support it, and make them feel welcome. They’re even thinking of moving here. Margie is Bernice Canupp’s sister.


I tried to type last week but we had a storm and the Internet kept going out. Maybe I’ll have better luck tonight. I hate paying for something so temperamental.

Phone Bills

Speaking of which — with TruVista customers. Check your phone bill. You may be charged for cell phone numbers that are not long distance. If you have questions and don’t understand the bill bring them to me and I’ll check them out. The phone company wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t see me once a month. This month they had to give me over $7 on my business phone and a couple of dollars for home. I got credit for the Town Hall also. So check these bills from the past months. I’d check this out from January to now.


I took Gina to her doctor’s appointment last week, in Greenville. As we were leaving the office to catch the elevator, I was having a hard time getting the elevator door opened. I kept pressing my car remote key and saying it just isn’t working. Who knows where my mind really was. I couldn’t stop laughing as I got on the elevator and the few people just looked at me.


My sympathy goes to Monica and Alaina for the loss of their father, Larry (Beany) Inman, last week. Beany was everyone’s friend.

Sympathy to the Morris family (Pam and Donna) and sister Mary for the loss of Betty.

Thank Goodness

We had a lot of excitement last week when someone we know went on a rampage and slammed into quite a few cars, on different streets here in Lockhart. Chuck called my phone 8 times to tell me to move my car, since a lot of times I park on the side of my house (next to the street) to keep it in the shade.

Well, he called me the next day blessing me out for not answering my phone, I put him on speaker and let the ladies in the shop take care of him. He told them I might as well take out my phone since I never answer it.

I picked up Gina after work and we had to go to Chester, so I was not even at home. So I missed out on the excitement. Thank goodness.

Remember In Prayer

Pray for Larry (Luke) Jenkins, the CT Scan found an aneurysm in his head. We’ll know in a couple of days what they plan to do to help him.

Pray for Carolyn Howard who is starting treatments for some cancer cells, also.

Pray for Erving Garner who has a very bad foot that they can get the infection out.

Also pray for Rhonda Gibson for the surgery she’ll be having.

Well this is all for now, maybe more the next time. The Internet is going in and out again, so I hope I can send this. So I’ll say good night and sit on this hoping to send it as soon as it starts again. 1-864-545-6652.

Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column Connie Porter urges the public to come out and support the reopened Lockhart Cafe.
https://www.uniondailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/web1_web1_Town-of-Lockhart-3.jpgCharles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column Connie Porter urges the public to come out and support the reopened Lockhart Cafe.
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