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By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist
Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column Connie Porter writes about what’s on the Sunday menu at the Lockhart Cafe.

Bernice’s sister, Margie and husband Jim, have reopened the Lockhart Cafe. First day was Thursday, July 5. They will be open every day but Monday. Hours through the week are 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Phone number is 864-545-2346.

Sunday meal is from 11-3 p.m. Cafeteria-style, and the menu for this Sunday — meat choice of fried chicken or ham — choice of 3 vegetables out of mac & cheese, potatoes & gravy, rice & gravy, dressing & gravy, green beans, blackeye peas, squash casserole, sweet potato souffle, potato salad, slaw. Dessert of pineapple cobbler or peach cobbler. Cornbread and rolls. So there you have this week’s first menu. Enjoy.

4th Of July

How was your 4th? Starting out I couldn’t find my American blue and red shirt. You know you have to dress patriotic, so I just ended up with blue capris and a red shirt. I still don’t know where I put that shirt.

Then I went to Chester and took a piano class, since neither of us had any plans. Shopped at Walmart, came home and sat, and sat, etc. Finally around 7 we grilled hamburgers, and I made onion petals, since I bought a 10 lb. bag of Vidalia onions from the Shriners. We just use onions every way we can think of.

There was some pretty fireworks on the hill above my house and I went out once and saw them. The dogs acted like someone was breaking in our house every time a firecracker went off. They’d jump on the couch, lay their ears back and bark and look at me like I was going to protect them. Cowards!! Finally boredom set in and I just went to bed and read.

Dining Out

Chuck and I went to Hibachi Grill in Spartanburg, Saturday. We go because they’ve had frog legs on the buffet. But they exchanged the legs for calamari (squid). Well we tried it and it was okay. Of course we only took two bites cause it’s like biting into a tire, just so rubbery, which I’d heard anyway, but you have to try just to say you did. I heard someone say that the price of frog legs has gone way up, so that may be the reason it’s not on the menu.

We went one time and everyone ( well a lot of people) were getting plates full of crawfish. So I told Chuck it must be good so I got one (just one) broke it in half and looked inside, it looked like muck, so no way was my lips touching that. But they keep getting plates full of them.

Sewer Project

I’m not sure if the school to Canal Road sewer project is finished yet, but they are laying rolls of grass on the side of the road where they’ve finished. So I hope nobody pulls onto it, because you may get stuck as the ground should be soft for awhile.


I looked out and saw three men looking in the manhole by my place. They were there just staring down in the hole, so I got nosey and went over and started looking down in there also. I told him that I thought there might be someone or and animal in it since they were there for so long. They put color in the water down at the church and was looking to see if it was attached to that hole. It got boring so I went back in.

Now does this prove how boring my life really is?? I’m pitiful.


I know you are wondering what the crazy puppy has eaten this week, but I don’t have any furniture left for him to eat. He did eat the bars on the bottom of his crate, after he ate the plastic floor that was in it.

I told Gina tonight that I know the doctor says I don’t have high blood pressure, but if he saw me with this dog, he’d give me double pills. He makes me crazy.

Nothing should be this hyper. He thinks my cat is playing with him, when he chases her or barks at her, she just keeps slapping him and he really gets excited then. Gina showed him, himself in the mirror to show him he wasn’t a cat. When I’m sitting on the couch,he will get up on the back and lay on my neck like a cat might. He’s big and just 10 months old. He will also lay on the arm of the couch like the cat does. I tell you he’s crazy!!

Well so much for my life, maybe something will happen exciting for me to tell you about next week. How many times have I promised that??

Good night and call at 1-864-545-6652.

Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column Connie Porter writes about what’s on the Sunday menu at the Lockhart Cafe. Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column Connie Porter writes about what’s on the Sunday menu at the Lockhart Cafe.
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