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Lockhart Café reopens Thursday

Lockhart Café will reopen Thursday, July 5. The weekday hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sundays from 11-3 p.m. Cafeteria-style on Sunday — choice of 2 meats and about 7 vegetables (I think you get to choose 3 of those). They didn’t tell me a price, but probably what it used to be. If I hear any different I’ll let you know.

So Bernice decided that she didn’t want to sell the café. So go down and visit her and her sister Margie, at Lockhart Café.


We’ve really had our share of rain. I went over to my neighbors house to give him a message from the power company and without warning the downpour started and I didn’t make it home without getting soaked.

Decided to sit on the porch and the rain was blowing right at me, and it didn’t matter which end of the porch I went to. So since I was already wet, I just got a jacket on and sat on the porch anyway. I really love to sit out and watch the rain.

Yesterday, I was smart and put my windows up in the car when I saw the dark clouds. So Gina looked out and saw that I left my back window down and the back seat was soaked. Now when have I ever put that window down?

This saves on using my water to water my tomato plants.


I heard that you all had a wonderful time Saturday at the Lockhart School Reunion. Everyone seemed to take lots of pictures on their phones, so I did see some of the people and heard some stories. I didn’t attend, even though Ailene wanted me to, it wasn’t my alma mater and I felt like I would be an intruder. So I had a boring day, while yours was joyful. One couple drove from California. Another from Texas. And I’m sure from other states. Over 600 people attended.

I thought when I went to my class reunion in Michigan, I would have traveled the farthest, but Florida was further. How about Tennessee. Is that farther than SC? I wish we would have a reunion of the whole high school instead of just our year. Anyway I don’t think I will attend anymore, but I’m glad for all of you. Even though it’s sad to be losing your school.

I lost my school when I went into 10th grade. We built a new high school and took in three other schools, So that first year was four schools in one building. Some seniors from the other schools quit because they didn’t want to join us. It was a sad year, but after that we blended. But I can’t tell you everyone’s name I graduated with, except the ones at my old school.

There was 483 in my graduating class. 75 showed up at the last reunion.


Well we still have our hyper-crazy puppy (a big puppy). Besides all of my furniture ruined, he discovered the piano, that I keep behind the couch. He took care of a corner of it. Then I put my hand on the end of my bed and noticed the wood at the end of it has been chewed somewhat.

I guess I need to have a serious talk with my veterinarian and see what can be done to stop this bad habit of tearing up my living room. I can’t even have long curtains, he took care of that. The long rod was in a downward V when I came home from work one day, and he was enjoying the taste of the curtains. Then he lays his ears back and looks at you with his big black eyes like he’s so innocent and loving. It makes me want to scream!!!

Well as you have guessed again, my life is boring and not a lot I can tell that you might enjoy, so I will say good night. Call at 1-864-545-6652.

Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter writes about the reopening of Lockhart Café on July 5.
https://www.uniondailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/web1_web1_Town-of-Lockhart-1.jpgCharles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter writes about the reopening of Lockhart Café on July 5.
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