The joy of Southern foods

By: By Connie Porter - Contributing Columnist

It’s 9 p.m. and just got in from work, well, I did water my plants before coming in and sat on the front porch for a little while and read some. Then I came in, so I really didn’t work until 9. So I just received a message that Charles Warner is on vacation, and Donna is taking over, so I’m so sorry, if it’s too late for this article for this weeks paper it’s alright for next week.

I was also looking for an e-mail from the Community Action so I can add their info in my article, but I’ll wing it. I received a call from them regarding the mentioning that they wouldn’t help my friend with her lights. I don’t do investigating reporting, so my facts may be off some. I found out that the widow needed several proof papers and she didn’t have all of her info. But they are here to help anyone that needs help, but you do need this information. When they send the e-mail to me I’ll print some of it to all of you, that way if you need help, you’ll be prepared. So to them I have apologized.

We (a few of my customers) were talking about favorite veggies and fruit today, so it reminded of my past in Michigan. So since I’ve had a boring week I’m going to tell you a few of these stories. Cantaloupe was always a dessert, always after dinner (which our dinner was around 5 p.m.), sometimes it was alone or we put vanilla ice cream on a wedge. Well when I came down here for a visit, the cantaloupe would be on the table at breakfast or dinner (noon) I wouldn’t take a piece, because I thought I’d get a piece after I ate. I soon found out you ate it with your meal. Tomato- we ate wedges with our meal, as a salad. I was visiting my Grandmother in northern Mich. for the weekend, and when my husband got off work (third) he came up, so we made him breakfast and he asked for a tomato to eat with his eggs. I never heard of such a thing. And tomato sandwiches, I think about all the years I ruined my sandwiches by putting lunch meat and tomato on it, when I could have been eating that first ripe tomato with mayo sandwiches. Grits-my first trip here we stopped in Kentucky for breakfast, well they gave me this bowl of grits, and I didn’t know what to do with them, because they looked like the cream of wheat,that we eat up north, except grainier. So I put sugar and milk on it and ate it like cereal. I got stared at. Now I know what to do with them and they’re great. Okra-another favorite of mine, but we never grew it, because it’s not hot enough up north. So once I got a taste of it, I would go to the farmers market while I was visiting here and take some home to freeze and cook. While growing up at home, we had a neighbor move in, she was from Alabama. My mother and I would visit her and she’d be cooking slime, come to find out, that was okra. I asked my mother why she always had a jar of chocolate beside her chair, also. Well you know what that was (some kind of chew). That was new to me also. And that’s something I’ve never tried. It’s not in the food category.

Well, maybe I’ll know some news next week. Don’t forget Lockhart School Reunion, June 23. 11-1 at school. Then on to the Baptist Life Center to visit with old friends. Anyone that ever attended Lockhart is invited.

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By Connie Porter

Contributing Columnist