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Thank you for your kindness

I want to deeply thank all of you for your thoughtfulness and extreme kindness to my widow friend. You know who you are. I know you want a follow up on this story and you deserve to know it.

When we got to the power house with our money, someone from the Lockhart First Baptist Church came in and gave the payment for the lapsed light bill. And we paid to open a new account, with your help. The money you sent is in a special account to be used for other very important things that might need paying, at a later time, Maybe if the power gets higher than she can afford, and I’m hoping to save for winter, if the heating bill gets too high. She may need groceries, since hers were ruined when the power was cut off. So with your help I have the money for that, also. Thank you again.

When I was in need, I didn’t know there were people caring enough to help, so I struggled with my life and children all by myself, but after many years I made it. And now I know there really is loving, caring people out there.


My sympathy goes out to Norma Jean Burgess’s family. She lost her life to cancer this week, only knowing for 6 weeks. Her funeral was held Friday.


Well what a week I had. The electrician finally made it to my shop, Monday, I was running out of projects to do outside. See, I do things outside so I don’t miss anyone who might do work for me.

The first Monday (while waiting for him) I weeded, cut grass, washed awnings and washed the car. The next Monday, I planted flowers and vacuumed the car out. The next Monday (while waiting, again) I tried to kill all of the ants by poisoning the hills in both of my yards. Well it also rained that day, and I didn’t want Doug to work on electricity in the rain. The fourth Monday, Doug Quinn came, did a fantastic job, new circuit box, rewired outside wires, buried wired, and made everything neat. I love showing it to everyone.

Water Heater

Today, Thursday, I had to have a new water heater put in at my house. We had to take a cold shower last night. So Chuck came, and I made a couple of calls and the guys sent Justin down to help, he was a great help to Chuck. Matter of fact, Chuck said Justin did almost all the work.

I got tickled when I looked over at my place and Chuck looked like he couldn’t get out from under my house fast enough, then I saw Justin bent down at the doorway , I thought maybe they saw a snake, or something deadly. What happened was, the only way they could get all the water out of the heater was to punch a hole in it, and they were just trying to get out before getting wet.

Justin told Chuck that Roger taught him all he knows. He helps Roger with the grass cutting and I guess anything else Roger gets into.

Sunday Afternoon

Didn’t work Sunday afternoon, so I finally got my closet cleaned out of winter clothes, and hung up all the summer tops.

Winter stuff is in totes in the shed. It was rough getting everything moved to the shed. Heavy totes!!

Well, I’m tired so I will say good night and you can call me at 864-545-6652.

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Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter thanks all those who helped an elderly widow.
https://www.uniondailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/web1_Town-of-Lockhart-1.jpgCharles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter thanks all those who helped an elderly widow.
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