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Struggling widow needs help

There is a lady in town whose husband passed away and thought he would leave her okay financially. But he left her with payments on everything. She sold and got rid of most of her things just to get by.

She made a decision to have her home payment lowered, so they made her pay the original of $495. Plus the new pay of $295 at the same time to get it lowered. So on $700 a month it didn’t leave her enough to pay her power bill. Community Action wouldn’t help because the power was turned off. They help on late charges. She had $200 of the $222 to have it turned back on but didn’t know about going to the office and ask about payments. Since then the bill is $486, I don’t know why this much, since she doesn’t have power, but with an extra $350 they’ll turn her back on as a new account.

Another group said they might be able to help, then decided not to since she hasn’t paid on the account. I told them in the beginning she’d give me $400 on Friday, June 1 to go get her lights back on. She doesn’t get her check until the last week in the month. So this really makes me sad and I’ve cried over it.

She just found a part-time job (she’s elderly), 12 hour shifts, but will only get paid every other week (so we still have a couple of weeks) It’s been so hot and she has to go to Rock Hill just to have a meal once in a while at her son’s. In other words if anyone wants to help me get her lights back on, even if a dollar, please contact me. I feel that you can’t keep kicking a person when they’re down, she’s really been trying to break even.

I’ve been in her shoes when my husband brought me here and left me, without any family or friends. I had to sleep on a mattress on my beauty shop floor, and go house to house giving haircuts to make enough money for a can of soup to eat, then find someone who’d let me cook it. My story goes on and on. But this is the reason, in my heart that I feel so sad and honestly choke up when nobody wants to help. I’m not going to tell her about the group that decided not to help, but after they told me I just sat in my car and cried for her. I’ve lived it!

Maybe this is why I seem to always find someone I feel I must help. I’m at 411 Lockhart Drive, P.O Box 160, Lockhart, SC 29364, just in case you would like to help me help this lady.

Mealtime Blues

So last Monday, Lockhart Council and the Mayor went to the school board meeting, we were last on the agenda. Well as you all know, they went into executive session, so everyone went into the hallway for hours and hours. So after two and a half hours, Ailene made the decision that we would leave.

Well Gina was grilling our supper and thought I’d be home around 8. The group decided they were hungry and wanted to go the Dairi-O. Well I was riding and had to go along. So I just ordered a hot dog plate, and everyone else had hamburger steak. Gina was cooking hamburgs so I didn’t want two.

Well that hot dog really filled me up, but I couldn’t hurt Gina’s feelings. There was a hamburger with cheese, onion rings, cooked hot peppers, just everything so neat and waiting for me. I tried to get out of putting it together, but to no avail, I took a couple of bites out of the center, thinking how am I going to fake eating, well!

This crazy puppy that we’ve adopted started playing with a toy rope, he was laying on his back flipping this rope back and forth having the best time and voila! Right in the middle of my plate it went. I told Gina look at the fuzz in my food. So I got to throw it legally away, but she said there’s extra onion rings. I told the council the next day what happened and we got a great laugh from it.

Remember In Prayer

Please pray for the following: Carolyn Howard — results come back negative — Norma Burgess, Robert Parker, Linda Watts, Betty Steen, Jimmy Parkins.

Sewer Line

The sewer line project has started again. They started at the school, and now they’ve restarted up by the old armory and they’ll be heading toward the school and meet where they left off, before. They had another project to finish before they could finish ours.

Lockhart School Reunion

School reunion will be held June 23. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. touring Lockhart School, then continue at the Family Life Center on Armory Road.

Good night and call at 1-864-545-6652.

Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column, Connie Porter writes about a local widow whose financial situation has left her without electricity in her home.
https://www.uniondailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/web1_Town-of-Lockhart.jpgCharles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s News Around Lockhart column, Connie Porter writes about a local widow whose financial situation has left her without electricity in her home.
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