Look around at what you have

By: By Cathleen Cathcart - Contributing Columnist
Rev. Cathleen Cathcart

Do you sometimes feel unworthy in your daily walk with Christ that maybe you don’t seem to have the same things that others have? Feeling like, maybe you’re not as special, or God did not bless you as much as He did others? If you have, I can assure you that you are not alone! However, this type of feeling is often what gives birth to other issues that bring discord rather than unity among believers.

Let’s look at the widow in 2 Kings 4:1-7 who felt spiritually abandoned as the creditors were coming to take her sons. She made her situation known by crying out to Elisha for help because she thought she did not possess anything that could help her or her sons. She felt absolutely empty… empty physically because of lack of food, empty spiritually because it seemed God was letting her suffer, and empty financially because she had a debt she could not pay! Now, have you ever been there? Maybe not her exact situation, but can you relate to what she may have been experiencing?

Elisha’s reply to her was simply, “What shall I do for thee?” He goes on to ask her what she had in the house. This may have seemed like strange question because she had already let him know she had nothing and her sons were fixing to be taken into slavery. She responds with “Thine handmaid hath not any thing in the house, save a pot of oil.” So guess what? She did have something after all. The problem was that she didn’t think is was good enough, that what she had could in no way help her situation, she thought the oil she had was of no value! Again I ask, have you been there… thinking that what you have is of no use?

The story continues as Elisha tells her to go and borrow all the empty vessels that she can to begin pouring her oil into. She did as she was told until she ran out of empty jars, then the oil stopped flowing. By then, she had enough to pay her debt and live off of what was left over!

The widow had experienced complete emptiness and had to borrow empty jars before the filling process would begin. Let me encourage you today to never despise the situations you find yourself in. God has a plan and He has supplied you with all that you need to overcome. So let me ask, What do you have? Look around you. What do you possess that you have not utilized? God wants to fill you with His joy, peace, and love. The problem is that we are often full of ourselves, discouragement, and self pity, and we need to become empty to make room for His Spirit — then we can be filled with the everlasting oil that will not stop! As long as you have room for Jesus, His Spirit will never cease to flow in your life!

I pray, “Lord, forgive me when I doubt Your love and provision. Help me realize that I already possess all that I need to be a faithful servant with sufficient means to have my needs met. Show me what things I need to empty out of my life and thought process that I may be filled with every blessing You are ready to pour out! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Rev. Cathleen Cathcart
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By Cathleen Cathcart

Contributing Columnist

Rev. Cathleen N. Cathcart is pastor of New Life Worship Center in Spartanburg.

Rev. Cathleen N. Cathcart is pastor of New Life Worship Center in Spartanburg.