Lady Wildcats win two, lose one

By: Special to The Union Times

JONESVILLE — It was two out of three for the Jonesville Elementary/Middle School Lady Wildcats Softball Team which defeated Whitmire in a doubleheader on Monday but narrowly lost to Clinton on Tuesday.

In a statement released this afternoon, JEMS Athletic Director Jay Voiselle provided an inning by inning review of each game.

Whitmire JV At JEMS

Game 1

• 1st inning — Whitmire started hot, scoring 5 runs in the first. Jonesville added runs off of an RBI single from Lady Wildcat Riley Gregory. At the of the 1st inning it was Whitmire 5 Jonesville 1.

• 2nd inning — Whitmire added 4 more runs with clean base hits and smart base running. In the bottom of the 2nd, Jonesville would add 6 runs by key singles from Lady Wildcat Bethany Hames and Lady Wildcat Riley Gregory. At the end of the second inning it was Whitmire 9 Jonesville 7.

• 3rd inning — Lady Wildcats Pitcher Kyleigh Woody and the Jonesville defense would hold the Wolverines scoreless for the first time in the game. In the bottom of the 3rd, Lady Wildcat Riley Gregory and Lady Wildcat Star Young led another offensive surge by the Wildcats as Jonesville scored 6 runs in the last inning to finish the first game of the double header with a score of Jonesville 13 Whitmire 9.

Game 2

• 1st inning — With smart at bats, steals, and walks, Voiselle said Jonesville would score 7 runs in the top of the 1st inning. Whitmire would earn a base hit but couldn’t score against the Wildcat defense. At the end of the 1st inning the score was Jonesville 7 Whitmire 0.

• 2nd inning — Whitmire defense shuts the Jonesville offense down. Whitmire would capitalize off of 5 base hits, earning 5 runs for the Wolverines. The 2nd inning would end with Jonesville 7 Whitmire 5.

• 3rd inning — Jonesville would get the offense back going, scoring 11 runs. Jonesville had key base hits from Lady Wildcat Landyn Queen, Lady Wildcat Lexi England, and an inside the park Grand Slam Home Run by Lady Wildcat Bethany Hames. Whitmire would get one more crack at the Wildcats, but they could only score 1 run. The game ended with Jonesville 18 Whitmire 6.

JEMS At Clinton C

• 1st inning — Jonesville would get first bat and got things started early, scoring 2 runs powered by a Lady Wildcat Landyn Queen single. Clinton had a huge first inning due to clean base hits and Jonesville defensive errors, scoring 7 runs in the 1st inning. The inning ended with Clinton 7 Jonesville 2.

• 2nd inning — Jonesville added another run as Lady Wildcat Kyliegh Woody earned a base hit and scored by way of another base hit by Queen. Clinton followed with another huge 2nd inning, scoring 7 more runs off of many Jonesville miscues. At the end of the inning it was Clinton 14 Jonesville 3.

• 3rd inning — Lady Wildcat Star Young earned a base hit and scored. Clinton walks and errors allowed the Wildcats to score another run. Jonesville allowed 1 Red Devil run in the bottom of the 3rd. The end of the inning saw Clinton 15 Jonesville 5.

• 4th inning — Jonesville then woke up with a 9-run inning to get them back in the game. Jonesville got key base hits from Lady Wildcats Kyleigh Allen, Riley Gregory, Landyn Queen, Star Young, and Janiyah Glenn. Jonesville defense and Lady Wildcat Kyleigh Woody would finally hold Clinton scoreless in the bottom of the 4th. It was now Clinton 15 Jonesville 14 at the end of the 4th inning.

• 5th inning — Jonesville added two runs to take the lead in an amazing comeback. Jonesville got hits from Lady Wildcats Lexi England, Landyn Queen (who was 4-4), Riley Gregory, and Star Young. Jonesville would again hold Clinton scoreless. It was now Jonesville 16 Clinton 15.

• 6th inning — Jonesville added another run off of a Bethany Hames inside the park shot to right field. Heading into the bottom of the 6th Jonesville led 17 to 15. With 11 minutes to go in a timed game, Clinton had two singles, then a triple. With the score tied and a Red Devil on third, Clinton would score on a game winning passed ball and play at the plate, allowing the Red Devils the 18 to 17 victory.


Voiselle said that the Lady Wildcats are now 7-3 on the season. He said that Jonesville will travel to Blacksburg High School for a 5 p.m. game on Thursday.
Will play Blacksburg Thursday evening

Special to The Union Times