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‘Goldilocks’ and her beauty shop

Well I hope my beauty shop bad luck is over. Hot water heater had to be replaced. Frozen pipes, only to break, and flooded the bathroom while I was on my knees digging the mud out of my water meter, trying to find the cutoff valve. And then on the coldest day, at 9 degrees I walked in the shop and didn’t have any heat.

So I called Freeman gas and they brought me out a new conventor heater, now it got to 78 degrees, and I called them and told them that my customer and I had to put on bikinis and had sweat pouring down our necks. So the next day they brought me out a smaller version, so again I set it to 60 and came in at 48. So the third day they brought me the right one for the shop. I can control my temperature just where I want it.

The men at Freeman’s have a new name for me “Goldilocks.” Get it???

They really are very nice to me, and I really didn’t mean to be difficult and told them so. But they wanted me to be happy.

Now I have to get the bathroom floor fixed, so Robert is going to come and give me an estimate. This is a short story of my beauty shop.

In Sympathy

Joe Burns passed away Wednesday night at 10 p.m., after a long stay at Ellen Sager. My sympathy goes out to Randall, Deana, and Betty and their family for their loss.

Visitation is at 1 p.m. Saturday and the funeral is at 2 p.m. All of this is at Lockhart Freewill Church, on Jonesville-Lockhart Highway.

Remember In Prayer

Put Luke Jenkins and Ted Garner in your prayers. Luke has been sick this week with maybe the flu, running a fever. And Ted’s been in and out of the hospital with his illness.

We hope that they both can get back to normal soon. We miss them at the Town Hall.

A Tale Of Two Winters

I know we are so tired of all this cold weather.But one day it might be in the high 50s, then the next day it might be in the 20s. No wonder so many are sick. At least up north we know we have five months or so of cold icy snowy weather, without a warm day in between. So we can be miserable for those five months. Where here we get a happy day every now and then in between the cold.

I always hear that the cold will kill the bugs. What kind of bugs? Because we had mosquitoes and flies and normal bugs even though it was freezing cold up there. One thing I think we didn’t have was roaches and water bugs.


One time while I was visiting here, I got out of the shower and reached in the linen closet at my mother-in-law’s and a giant bug was on the towel that I pulled out. I screamed and she came running in and just plucked it off the towel and got rid of it. I guess it was a prehistoric water bug.

Well when we got back home, all the suitcases stayed in the garage until I checked it out to make sure we didn’t bring any pets home. It scared the wits out of me. Maybe they live in the hot weather.

That reminds me of one of our renters. He thinks that Roger should spray every month. So he called one day that he saw a bug. I asked where and he said on its back, dead. I told him then the job was done right. Another time he called to tell me there was a wasp in his window, so I informed him that Dollar General sold wasp spray. I could not take care of that problem.


A Florida man drove his 24-year-old daughter to a job interview. When she came back to the car with a large amount of cash, he figured she’d gotten the job and this was her advance.

Not quite. Unbeknownst to the man, he had become his daughter’s getaway driver in her fifth- and final-bank heist.

Cafe Sold

Well, new news, The Lockhart Cafe has been sold, and the new owner is busy cleaning it up and making plans to open the first of March. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Walking The Dog

Gina’s been walking the dog every night, and has encountered a beaver, somewhere around the Methodist church, and going down in one of the storm drains. Daisy almost drags her trying to follow the beaver. She told the dog he better not make it bite her with those long sharp teeth.

Some nights she comes in exhausted from trying to drag the dog away from the sight. She needs another route.

Memorial Service

Wesley Chapel and Lockhart Methodist had a memorial service for their preacher, Rev. Jimmy Harper, last week, who died of a heart attack, at his home.

Good Night

I didn’t realize how late it is, so I’ll say good night and my number is 1-864-545-6652.

Charles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter talks about the troubles she’s had at her beauty shop and how attempting to get them solved got her the nickname “Goldilocks.”
https://www.uniondailytimes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/web1_Town-of-Lockhart.jpgCharles Warner | The Union Times In this week’s “News Around Lockhart” column, Connie Porter talks about the troubles she’s had at her beauty shop and how attempting to get them solved got her the nickname “Goldilocks.”
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