18 students named Junior Scholars

By: Special to The Union Times

UNION COUNTY — Eighteen middle school students in Union County have been named South Carolina Junior Scholars.

In a statement released Monday, Union County School District Chief Academic Officer Cindy Langley announced the names of and offered congratulations to the 8th graders at Sims, Lockhart and Jonesville middle schools “who have achieved the South Carolina Junior Scholar Award for the school year 2017-2018.”

The Junior Scholars of Union County for the 2017-2018 school year are:

Sims Middle School

• Brian Renwick, son of Cherise Lyles

• Arielle Deputy, daughter of Charles and Marichio Deputy

• Calista Woodson, daughter of Chris and Ashley Woodson

• Kaigan Wilson, daughter of David and Brandy Wilson

• Nathan Smith, son of Chris and Suzanne Smith

• James Sherbert, son of Scott and Jessica Sherbert

• Thomas Betenbaugh, son of Donnie and Crystal Betenbaugh

• Elainie Lee, daughter of Joseph and Erna Lee

• Ruthie Dean, daughter of Jeff and Courtney Dean

• Bryson Perry, son of Shannon Perry

• Chloe Rector, daughter of David and Amy Rector

• Abbigail Williams, daughter of John and Shannon Williams

• Leo Williams, son of Leo Williams

• William Childers, son of Jason and Catherine Childers

Lockhart Middle School

• Tyler Crocker, son of Rhonda Crocker

• Cody Gaston, son of Audrey Gaston

• Landon Walker, son of April Black

Jonesville Middle School

• Abby Inman, daughter of Mark and Karen Inman

The press release states that the students “were selected as South Carolina Junior Scholars by scoring 550 or higher on the Evidence Based Reading and Writing section of the PSAT/NMSQT or by scoring 530 or higher on the Math section. Additionally, Duke Tip participants who were identified and recognized at either the Grand Recognition Ceremony or the State Recognition Ceremony during their 7th grade year automatically qualified to become a 2017-18 SC Junior Scholar.”

As recipients of this honor, the press release states that the students will be recognized in local award ceremonies and will receive an Award of Merit from the State Department of Education.

Junior Scholars

The South Carolina Junior Scholars Identification and Development Program, begun in the 1985-86 school year, reflects the growing statewide effort to improve education in South Carolina and responds to the needs of students possessing unique abilities. The purpose of the program is to identify students with exceptionally high scholastic achievement and intellectual ability and to provide opportunities for these students that will facilitate their intellectual growth, broaden their individual interests, and promote their scholastic achievement. Such opportunities are provided during the academic school year or summer following identification in the eighth grade and continue throughout the high school years.

At Sims, Jonesville, and Lockhart

Special to The Union Times