UCDS scores in top 20 percent

UNION — The test scores of a large number of students at Union Christian Day School are among the top 20 percent of student test scores nationwide.

Each year, Union Christian Day School students in 5K through the 10th grade take the Stanford 10 Achievement test. As they have in years past, the UCDS students in those grades took the test this year as well.

In a statement released this past weekend, the school announced that three out of every four of its students scored at or above the national average for the complete battery of Stanford 10 Achievement tests which include language, math, science and social science. Of those students, 40 percent were in the top 20 percent of the nation.

“While standardized testing is only one tool used to evaluate our program, it is an important one. We will use the results to target areas where improvement is needed and address those areas within the classes,” explains Rev. Roger Estes, school superintendent. “Overall, we are pleased with the performance of our students.”

Seniors Accepted

The school also announced that all this year’s seniors have been accepted by the colleges they chose. It states that these UCDS graduates will attend Spartanburg Methodist College and the University of South Carolina Upstate and USC Union.